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“THE ETRUSCAN SMILE” Heartfelt and Endearing

June 15th, 2020 No comments



Review by John Delia

A heartfelt film, The Etruscan Smile follows a man who wants to make amends and finds the love he never knew he had. The movie gets very touching, a bit maudlin, but for the most part an inspirational movie with some lighthearted comedy that’s nicely acted, directed and produced. If you like films that have a human interest plot, than check out this motion picture that’s now on Blu-ray, DVD and even VOD platforms. Read more…

“Queen and Country” Romance and Dignity (Indie Film Review & Trailer)

March 27th, 2015 No comments




Review by John Delia

Spooling out his final film Writer/Director John Boorman makes it a sequel and a good one at that. His Queen and Country being released in the United States takes his characters into the 1950’s as a follow up to Hope and Glory set during WWII. He works his magic one more time with interesting characters, some comedy, military boot camp drama and a whole lot of romance. Beautifully filmed, it’s a masterpiece of a period gone by that saw England transfer the crown to Elizabeth II and turn boys into men. Read more…