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Together Together Video Review & Trailer

April 22nd, 2021 No comments

“The Judge – Character. Cases. Courage.” Interview with Director Robert Griffith & Producer Al Calderaro

April 19th, 2021 No comments

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The Underground Railroad Official Trailer/Prime Video

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Directors Lisa Wilson & Laura Wilson Matthias discuss their Documentary “Last Will. and Testament

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Writer, Director Tony Ahedo & Actor Parker Padgett Interview about new film “Icon”

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“THE RECKONING” Now on Blu-ray

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Review by John Delia

Inspired by actual events, the movie The Reckoning takes you to the past where we find a township in the throes of the Black Plague. Most interesting is the panic that revolved around the very devastating virus that spread like wildfire through blood from an infected person. In this film we find a diabolical government telling the people that the plague is caused by the Devil and spread through Witchcraft. In modern day we are experiencing a similar attack by the COVID-19 virus that attacks the body through droplets from an infected victim, however due to modern medicines we are able to protect the populace and even cure victims from this outbreak. Read more…

“French Exit” Video Film Review

March 31st, 2021 No comments

Interview with Director Tanner Beard “The Legend of Hell’s Gate”

March 29th, 2021 No comments

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“SIX MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT” In Select Theaters and VOD

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Review by John Delia

A mystery thriller centering on the pre-WWII invasion of Great Britain, Six Minutes to Midnight follows one of the most insidious plans of Hitler’s dictatorship. Nicely filmed, directed and written, the film has an acting tour-de-force that makes their characters believable. Not a documentary, but based on true events account of Hitler’s strategy is what makes the film historical. If you are looking for a good drama that keeps the tension high, this 99 minute film should get you involved and provide some excellent distraction from your day. Read more…

Virtual Interview with Director Tyler Wayne & Actor Adam Donshik “Goodbye, Butterfly” movie

March 23rd, 2021 No comments