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CURSED FILMS – Tragic and Creepy

August 20th, 2020 No comments



Review by John Delia

Frightening, heart-rending and revealing Cursed Films becomes very compelling as it entertains in a morbid kind of way. Decades ago several films were labeled as being hexed due to mysterious deaths and accidents surrounding their release or within months of it. The tragedies had many affects and some of the films actually became iconic attracting others beyond the horror fan audience to see the films. Watching it brought back many memories of the now classic films, many of which are in my library. Read more…

“APOCALYPSE ’45” A Revealing Documentary

August 12th, 2020 No comments

Monroe Ozment  Photo courtesy of Discovery




Review by John Delia

There’s been many documentaries on wars, especially World War II that had embedded cameramen and camerawomen into the fighting. You may have seen similar features on “World at War”, but Apocalypse ’45 is one documentary that really stands out as it includes recently released declassified film footage that these very brave photographers shot while under fire from enemy forces. It makes a strong statement for our unwaveringly and heroic American fighters who took down the unyielding Japanese Imperial Military. Read more…

“WELL GROOMED” To Dye Fur :-)

July 19th, 2020 No comments




Review by John Delia

A fun and furry documentary, Well Groomed takes you into the world of colorful dog styling and it’s mesmerizing. Director, writer and producer Rebecca Stern follows four of the top dog artists as they clip, dye and design the hair on long haired pooches. It’s very fascinating watching the competition between the chosen four, but more so the amazement of what can be created with a scissors. Add to that a lot of safe colorant made especially for those that want to make their dogs a special canvas. Read more…

‘Showgirls’ gets a Reprieve in “YOU DON’T NOMI”

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Review by John Delia

If you were of age in the 1990’s and a fan of film, you probably checked out the movie Showgirls (1995), especially if you were male between the ages of 17 to 34. It was rated NC-17 for flesh and sex and the rating didn’t stop a lot of underage teens from sneaking a look after paying for a movie ticket to see Batman Forever. Popular for the wrong reasons however, the film received the designation “flop” for the poor box-office take of $20 million with a price tag of $45 million. The critic reviews mocked the film for its content and storyline with special attention to the gratuitous nudity. Read more…

“BEYOND SKIING EVEREST” Defying Mountain Tops

June 28th, 2020 No comments



Review by John Delia

The filming angles and cinematography as a whole in Beyond Skiing Everest is so dynamic you can feel the cold and the adventure of high peak skiing. But, what really makes an impression is the feats of daring and the amazing talent of three of the most honored skiers in the world. This documentary really gives the viewer a close up of the tenacity and determination these prolific adventurers in this sport of high altitude skiing. Read more…

Comedy headlines “TIME WARP” Vol. 3

June 24th, 2020 No comments




Review By John Delia

The finale of Time Warp gets into the nitty gritty of campy comedy that dominated in the 50’s-80’s with some of the greatest movie brains changing the content of films that have survived at midnight and on VHS/DVD. Whether it’s teens in school, nerds in college, or music for the young people of America the team of Joe Dante, John Waters, Ileana Douglas and Kevin Pollak have you covered. Read more…


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Review by John Delia

A very odd documentary, The Painter and the Thief tells an offbeat accounting of a theft and a relationship with the thief. Quite interesting however, the film plays out like a drama looking for answers and finding an unexpected connection instead. If you are a fan of non-fiction and would like to delve into the reasoning and outcome, then try this film now available on VOD and other platforms. Read more…

“Time Warp Vol. 2” all about Horror and Sci-fi

May 18th, 2020 No comments



Review by John Delia

In Volume 2 of Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All-Time “Horror and Sci-fi” the panel of Joe Dante, John Waters, Ileana Douglas and Kevin Pollak present a documentary involving interviews of film stars, directors, writers, critics and others. It’s a fun trip to the past as they talk about the films that were forerunners of the slash and stab genre that started with what are now called horror cult classics. Read more…

“SPACESHIP EARTH” A Two Year Adventure

May 7th, 2020 No comments



Review by John Delia

Not your ordinary Documentary, this film Spaceship Earth puts you on the front seat of a trek that will show how a biological dome came to be and how it was accepted by the people of the USA. Spaceship Earth’s story has its ups and downs, but not in the production of the film as it’s really a miracle that the filmmaker could get all the video that makes up years of planning, practice and construction. It is equally a story of the people who became part of the project as well as the project itself. Filled with surprises the documentary even includes some controversy. Now on HULU and Digital Read more…

Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All-Time Volume 1 on VOD

April 20th, 2020 No comments




Review by John Delia

Whether you are a film buff or just like something different, Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All-Time Volume 1 “Midnight Madness” starts the ball rolling with interviews of the stars and directors of some of the most famous cult films on the planet. The anthology is more than just a look into the business, it also answers questions on the most watched movies in the business. Although some didn’t make it big when they were originally released they gathered a following much like the most notable The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) that had a participating audience pulled from every walk of life to join in and throw rice, squirt water guns, and recited the dialogue during the showing. Read more…