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“AIRPLANE”- 40th year now on Blu-ray Steelbook

July 22nd, 2020 No comments


Review by John Delia

It’s a classic comedy that still lives on in the minds of those who saw it for the first time in 1980. The movie Airplane! is back again and this time it’s protected in a steel case for the remastered blu-ray, and with some new bonus extras. It may be a bit corny for some audiences of today, but when it came out the tongue-in-cheek masterpiece was a rave by critics and was nominated for a Golden Globe. While some fans found some of the dialog offensive, others laughed and even if it parodied themselves, Airplane!’s idea was to make something that was serious into a satire easing a grim situation by making lite of it. In this case they chose the movie Airport (1970) to lampoon using a script loaded with wit. The film also includes spoofs of the classic films Saturday Night Fever (1977) and From Here to Eternity (1953) as well. Read more…

‘Showgirls’ gets a Reprieve in “YOU DON’T NOMI”

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Review by John Delia

If you were of age in the 1990’s and a fan of film, you probably checked out the movie Showgirls (1995), especially if you were male between the ages of 17 to 34. It was rated NC-17 for flesh and sex and the rating didn’t stop a lot of underage teens from sneaking a look after paying for a movie ticket to see Batman Forever. Popular for the wrong reasons however, the film received the designation “flop” for the poor box-office take of $20 million with a price tag of $45 million. The critic reviews mocked the film for its content and storyline with special attention to the gratuitous nudity. Read more…

“EASY DOES IT” Going for the Gold

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Review by John Delia

A screwy little film with some intermittent tongue in cheek laughs, Easy Does It attempts to revive the road show flick audience, but it doesn’t have all the right stuff. The script’s hackneyed with the same old goofs, the acting needs an upgrade, and the sets/locations ordinary. That said however, it you have nothing more on TV to watch, it’s a pretty good filler. You may have to have a few and some chips before turning it on.


Read more…

“THE SUNLIT NIGHT” Painting a New Life

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Review by John Delia

VERY GOOD! The Sunlit Night is one of the most genuine films that bleeds romance, inspiration and a whole lot of life. The acting is superb, direction pin point and the camerawork outstanding. The story has a lot of heart and takes you from the ordinary to something different. Now on VOD the movie is a must see for romantics and young women who look forward to a life beyond their college years. Read more…

“SOMETIMES ALWAYS NEVER” A Sweet Film with Heart

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Review by John Delia

A British humor film titled Sometimes Always Never is a bit dull for us Americans for about the first 15 minutes until you get used to their dry banter and silly antics. It’s the type of comedy that may seem uninviting, but as this drama plays out the wisdom, warmth of family and heartfelt feeling, it grabs hold and never lets go to the final curtain. Some may see themselves in the characters and maybe wish they had made a few different decisions in life, while others could see the error in their ways when dealing with their children. Read more…

Interview with “Central Park” cast Leslie Odom, Jr. and Daveed Diggs former original cast of “Hamilton”

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Review by John Delia

Mostly an inspirational film, the musical drama Mighty Oak involves a rock band and an opportunity for a pre-teen to show off his talent. More than that however, the movie has a very good musical score, some very good actors and a fine director that leads you through the very touching and compelling film. Although rated PG-13 for some adult substance abuse and brief off color language, it reaches out to youngsters who want to develop their musical abilities at an early age. Read more…

George Lopez’s Stand Up Special “We’ll Do It For Half” on Netflix

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“SOUTH PARK” Getting High on Season 23

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Review by John Delia

Are you ready for this? South Park complete season #23 presents Tegridy Farms. It’s where anything goes and where the hemp is high and daddy wants to get rich. Take the tour in this three disc Blu-ray set with all ten episodes and a pilot. It’s the usual best with the unrated version not holding back, so either watch it raw or get out the earmuffs to avoid a lot of rude and crude language. Read more…

Comedy headlines “TIME WARP” Vol. 3

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Review By John Delia

The finale of Time Warp gets into the nitty gritty of campy comedy that dominated in the 50’s-80’s with some of the greatest movie brains changing the content of films that have survived at midnight and on VHS/DVD. Whether it’s teens in school, nerds in college, or music for the young people of America the team of Joe Dante, John Waters, Ileana Douglas and Kevin Pollak have you covered. Read more…