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“ROBERT THE BRUCE” Dividing Kingdoms, now on Blu-ray

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Review by John Delia

The map of Great Britain can be a bit confusing as it has minor separations between countries much like Europe. To the north of England is the land mass of Scotland that attaches with a regular border and is easily accessible by roadways. The country of Scotland, much like Ireland is currently under the rule the Queen of the United Kingdom. Scotland became independent from the United Kingdom for a time following civil war with Robert the Bruce who declared Scotland’s sovereignty. Nearly 200 years ago, at that point in history, this historic change of power took place with the rise of Robert the Bruce. This is the story of how the only separation of powers between nations in the kingdom actually happened. Read more…


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Three of Tom Cruise’s iconic films that pushed him to the top of his career have been released in separately on 4K home video. Now available for the first time is Top Gun (1986), Days of Thunder (1990) and War of the Worlds (2005) in the new Ultra HD format the highest resolution of 2160, twice that of the current Blu-ray of 1080p. The picture and sound quality are a far cry from what it seems not too long ago when Blu-ray took over for DVD. Read more…


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Review by John Delia

If you are looking for a good mystery with a few twists leading up to a surprise ending, then The Postcard Killings should do the trick. Taken from a “Best Seller” novel by James Patterson and Liza Marklund, the movie is nicely directed, well-acted and the production value looks high end. With not much to choose from due to the corona virus, the Blu-ray or DVD provides a good night of entertainment. Read more…

“TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID” Disturbing and Heartbreaking

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Review by John Delia

“Since the beginning of the Mexican drug wars in 2006, 160,000 people have been killed and 53,000 have disappeared in Mexico. Entire areas of some cities are turning into ghost towns. There are no numbers for many children dead and the missing that have been left behind.” The Producers

Taking you into the slums of a small town in Mexico, the movie Tigers are Not Afraid brings you up-close to a group of destitute children orphaned by a narcotics and human trafficking gang. Told from one young girl’s viewpoint, it’s a very heartbreaking and disturbing film that’s well made with very good direction, acting and visually powerful cinematography. Read more…

“BUTT BOY” an Unusual Comedy

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Review by John Delia

Very raunchy, unhinged and unusual are the kinder words for this extremely chaotic and nasty sci-fi comedy. Called Butt Boy for a reason, the film is a hyper depiction of what would be called a tasteless act of a kind of sexual addiction. It’s Alcoholic Anonymous and Sex Addicts Anonymous meets psycho serial killer. I think. It actually made my mind envision something not in my realm of thought. That said, the film is in the same genre of “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”, “Duck Butter”, “The Package”, “The Human Centipede”, “Ash vs Evil Dead” and “Sausage Party” to name a few. If you have seen any of these and were okay with it, then take a gander at Butt Boy. Read more…

“THE RHYTHM SECTION” Thrills on Blu-ray

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Review by John Delia

In the movie business it’s hard to make a hitman thriller with something new and exciting. The Rhythm Section gives it a try and actually does put a twist on the popular genre. In the place of a male protagonist a female takes the lead in a quest for revenge and settling the score. What makes this film nicely different is Blake Lively the sweetheart of TV’s “Gossip Girl” who goes from dainty to dangerous. If you like James Bond thrillers, try The Rhythm Section now on Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD, VOD. Read more…


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Review by John Delia

Going for a mature teen audience, the series “Looking for Alaska” comes to DVD for home viewing. In a three disc set, the story plays out dealing with teen angst, romance, relationships and sticky situations that involve challenging life choices. The acting is very good establishing solid characters that fit well into the 21st century attitudes, reactions and aspirations. Both comedic and serious, the dealings with schooling, friendships and growing up to the next level play out with some shocking revelations and a finale filled with tragedy. Read more…

“LAST FULL MEASURE” Battlefield to the Capitol

April 19th, 2020 No comments

Review by John Delia

A stunner because of the attack during the Vietnam War, yet inspiring that soldiers who fought it deal with it in a dramatic way, the film The Last Full Measure comes to home video. Beyond the doubt there were many devastating battles during the Vietnam War with a devastating loss of life. All who served were heroes for facing the enemy including many that died on the battlefield and others returning wounded physically and psychologically. It was a disconcerting time with the American population in deep disfavor of a war and others feeling depressed over the death toll. Like with all wars and conflicts, many of our fighting troops are awarded medals for their courage under fire, including the person who this story centers on William H. Pitsenbarger. Read more…

“LIKE A BOSS” Comedy and Cosmetics

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Review by John Delia

Fun and enjoyable, the ladies will love this parody on the cosmetic industry starring some of the better humor bearers in film. It’s another take on how to make it to the top and these ladies know how to get there in both brains and laughter. Even though you may find Like a Boss a bit ordinary, it’s the need for a good decompressing during this time of the virus attack. Now on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital

Read more…


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Review by John Delia

A twisted tale The Night Clerk is now available on DVD and it’s a stunner. The film should have audiences engrossed from the very start to its surprise finale. While all the clues are laid out for you before midpoint, the writer/director holds back just enough in this mystery to make the movie a winner. Acting is sharp and pin point, the direction strong and impeccable, and the credible protagonist in the plot makes for the perfect thriller. Read more…