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“Ford v Ferrari” The Challenge of a Lifetime

November 15th, 2019

Review by: John M. Delia, Jr.

The film is based on the competition created between Ford and Ferrari during the years from 1959 till 1969, and is centered on the 24 hours of Le Mans race. The 24 hours of Le Mans, started in 1923, is a car race in France that occurs during the month of June and consists of part permanent track and public roads.

After Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) won the 1959 Le Mans race becoming the second American to ever win the race, he retired from racing. He then begins to invest in all types of cars and forms his own racing team. He also starts a sports car dealership with his friend and mechanic Phil Remington (Ray McKinnon). Carroll has always been intrigued with fellow racer Ken Miles (Christian Bale because of his determination to always find a way to win which creates an interesting friendship.

With Ford’s stock dropping, Henry Ford II (Tracy Letts), president and CEO of Ford Motor Company, wants to find a way to improve Ford’s image in the eyes of every American so he challenges all of his employees to come up with an idea. When Lee Iacocca (Jon Bernthal) an executive, comes up with an idea to attempt a merger with Ferrari, things begin looking up.

Determined to find a way to get the Ford Motor Company to become one of the top automobile makers, Henry turns to Lee to set up the next steps. When the idea to race at Le Mans comes up, Leo Beebe (Josh Lucas), another executive, is totally against it.

Carroll then is approached about designing a car and racing it in the endurance racing circuit and he turns to Ken to help him to accomplish his idea and then race the car. Ken’s wife Mollie Miles (Caitriona Balfe), and his son  Peter Miles (Noah Jupe) have been there for him throughout his racing career, but when times start to get hard they all have to pull together to support each other through this new risky opportunity.

Director James Mangold does a very good job recreating the events that molded racing enthusiast’s involvement in endurance racing. He puts together exciting action scenes that put you in the car with the driver as if you are actually on the track. The view he gives you is similar to what they show in America stock car racing on television. Mangold does an excellent job putting together a storyline based on actual events and staying close to the true story as possible. He includes great cinematography in how he displays the tracks, locations, and actual racing moments throughout the film. Most of all he works with the acting in the film to give it a look of reality in the story.

This very imaginative action flick will keep you glued to the world of endurance racing and definitely will entertain racing fans and novice future drivers throughout. If you like racing, and enjoy well-crafted drama featuring the car makers and the most reckless speed demons in a world, then this film is for you..

Final Comment: I based my grade on the remarkable action scenes, energy filled storyline, and outstanding cinematography. (4 Stars out of 5)

Additional Film Information and Trailer:

Cast: Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Ray McKinnon, Jon Bernthal, Caitriona Balfe, Noah Jupe, Tracy Letts, and Josh Lucas.
Directed by: James Mangold
Genre: Action, Biography, Drama, Sport
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some language and peril.
Running Time: 2 hours and 32 minutes
Release Date:  November 15, 2019
Distributed By: Twentieth Century Fox
Release In: Standard, 4k Digital, and Panavision.

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