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Musti dvd collection

Discover the whole DVD collection of Musti.Check the 5 DVD volumes and buy the episodes you and your children will love to watch on…

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Cool Online Movies Box

Cool Online Movies Box is a superb collection of Bollywood Indian and Tamil movies of all time. Its simple to use just click your movie…

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Bollywood Movies Quiz

Bollywood Movies Quiz! Let's play a fantastic and full of fun guessing game, from the makers of HBollywood.See Bollywood movies name…

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Start streaming early this weekend; you have one less hour to watch these great films

This week we get a mix of indie movies and mainstream movies, movies in English and movies in foreign languages, movies about heroes and movies about ordinary people. Quite often, all of these people are misfits or outcasts of some kind, never quite sure of how they fit in. Or, in the case of one creepy chiller, the characters rudely discover that they don’t fit in quite as well as they thought …

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Virtual CD

Virtual CD creates images of your optical media (CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu Ray), so you can use them at any time without having the physical…

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Blu-ray exploit makes PowerDVD even more bloated

Blu-ray disks are harbouring two dangerous exploits that would allow an attacker to potentially launch executables remotely using a disk drive. First reported by The Register, hacker Stephen Tomkinson found two separate vulnerabilities in Blu-ray disks involve the infamous piece of bloatware CyberLink PowerDVD and a rooting process that utilises an external USB. The first one takes advantage of …

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Henry V (Blu-ray)

Highly Recommended The Movie: Henry V is Kenneth Branagh's much-revered directorial debut and perhaps the best of his Shakespeare adaptations. Only 29-years-old when his film was released, Branagh was already tapped by critics and audiences back then as the next Laurence Olivier

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The Judge (Blu-ray)

Highly Recommended THE FILM: Click an image to view Blu-ray screenshot with 1080p resolution. David Dobkin's The Judge is the kind of stuffed-to-the-brim drama that draws critical guff

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