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Written Reviews

BLACKTHORN, Review by John Delia

When you think of Butch Cassidy we immediately add ‘and the Sundance Kid’, but if you saw the original movie you know that the two died in a break to freedom in Bolivia. But, what if Butch lived and escaped his untimely death? This is the premise of the film Blackthorn starring Sam Shepard. The movie is interesting, but a little too far fetched for me to handle.

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Written Reviews

COWBOYS & ALIENS review by John and Marisa

Strap your six-gun to your waist, tie the string around your leg and ride over to see the movie Cowboys & Aliens a rip snorting account of a universe invasion. Seriously now, there will be no guns allowed in the movie theatre, not even toy type. If you want some action with great special effects that make a film come alive with awesome space creatures then check this one out.

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