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DVD: Trolls, evil dolls and Scarlett Johansson

“Lucy” (Rated R for strong violence, disturbing images, and sexuality, 89 minutes): This action film starring Scarlet Johansson is like putting together a giant puzzle. And then at the end, you find there is a piece missing. “Lucy” has a…

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Cape Watch: OK, There Might Be Too Many X-Men Movies Now

While we were still recovering from the holidays and trying to pretend that January isn't the worst month of the year, the machine that is the superhero movie business kept chugging along. This week, Marvel took advantage of the winter lull to get us excited about Ant-Man , while Fox decided that it was time to see how many X-Men movies an audience is prepared to pay money for in a 12-month …

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DVD: Denzel Washington shines in 'Equalizer' remake

“The Equalizer” (Rated R for strong bloody violence and language throughout, including some sexual references, 132 minutes): What seems like a bad idea, actually turns out to be a pretty good film. I never thought remaking a television show from…

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