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The Raven, Review by John Delia

Methodically delivered The Raven provides a suspense mystery that chills and thrills. Set in the mid 1800’s the Edgar Allan Poe based story has all the earmarks of a winning box office weekend. With excellent direction controlling fine actors and a sold script, the film moves to the top of my best of 2012.

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Written Reviews

SEEKING JUSTICE, Film Review by John Delia

High energy, good acting and a diabolical plot turn Seeking Justice into a winner. Watching this film I found myself gasping for breath at times due to the impact that comes off the screen. It’s a ‘what if?’ kind of movie that creates panic as much as it amazes. If you like an adult thriller that never lets up, then your choice is easy, Seeking Justice.

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Written Reviews


The mystery and suspense in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo gets menacing giving audiences an unsuspected thriller. I liked this version over the foreign release of the movie in 2010 because it’s in English, has Daniel Craig and the story moves along as it should, unencumbered by faulty direction. For those who like a good detective drama with a lot of action, see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

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