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Review by John Delia

Telling her own story in part, Rita Moreno holds nothing back as we get a look at one of the most prolific actresses ever to grace the big screen, TV and stage. At the helm of this documentary is Mariem Pérez Riera, a fellow Puerto Rican, who delivers the icon with a richly filled selection of A list actors and filmmakers. But it’s the words from Moreno’s mouth that make the film compelling and important. Read more…

“QUEZON’S GAME” A ‘tell all’ Historical Drama

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Review by John Delia

The historical drama Quezon’s Game is so compelling that it’s hard to believe that it actually happened with little knowledge of the events until this film. We do know that there was a holocaust, that the Jews were persecuted, their property confiscated by the Nazi Regime, concentration camps were set up, millions were murdered and much more of the noted facts in movies and books. However, this story brings to light more than just the fact that the USA and Canada turned away people that were legitimately seeking asylum, but that our leadership and their ambassadors at the time added to the prejudice and denouncement of certain groups. Read more…

“Teen Spirit” Uplifting and Entertaining

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Review by John Delia

A tribute to teen singers who have taken the plunge into a career that could bring them greatness, the film Teen Spirit is uplifting and entertaining. Directed at the teen crowd with the ladies being the target, the film certainly will be a big hit with them. But, don’t be surprised if it becomes a bit hit with the men and the 20 something market as well. I like Elle Fanning in this role and she nails the main character with every song and movement of her on the screen. Read more…

“Mission : Impossible – Fallout” Hi Flying Action

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Review by John M. Delia, Jr.

If choosing a mission was hard enough, this one will grab your attention and bring you on a wild ride through the eyes of a fearless agent. Taking this ride on another installment of the Mission : Impossible series and you will see that the story gets better with each new film. Read more…

“The Post” Exposing the Pentagon Papers

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Review by John Delia, Sr.

Several movies have been released over the past three decades that defend the press or show the importance of the media to inform the public. This is one of them that for the most part does expose the inner sanctum of one newspaper as it deals with exposing the government for wrong decisions leading to the death of thousands in the Vietnam War. While the script of The Post does reveal the sadness of human life losses that could have been avoided, unfortunately the film uses it to glorify newspapers using old news. Read more…

“THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US” (Written Review & Trailer)

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Review by John Delia, Sr.

Sometimes it’s very hard to get it right, especially if you are filming under excruciating circumstances. That seems to be the fate of The Mountain Between Us a survival film that depends on getting the right shot and mood in order to create a chemistry between two opposites. The movie starts with a trite beginning, takes on a difficult situation and then tries to bring a couple together in spite of the ordeal they have to overcome. Read more…

Love & Mercy (Film Review by Alyn Darnay)

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Review by Alyn Darnay
Directed by: Bill Pohlad
Cast: John Cusack, Paul Dano, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Giamatti

“God only knows what I’d be without you” is a very familiar lyric. It’s from a song on The Beach Boys 1966 “Pet Sounds” Album. It’s a seminal tune from the unfettered genius of the group’s leader and songwriter Brian Wilson, arguably one of the most important figures in American popular music. This extraordinary Biopic paints an unconventional portrait of Wilson as the mercurial singer/songwriter he is, whose abilities came at astonishing high personal cost. Whither you’re a Beach Boys fan, or just know the music, or you’re discovering it here for the first time, you’ll find this intimate examination of Wilson’s life and creative process truly fascinating in Love & Mercy.

Here’s The Storyline:

Paul Dano as Brian Wilson in LOVE & MERCY

Paul Dano as Brian Wilson in LOVE & MERCY

The film is about two distinct time periods in Brian Wilson’s life, both being told simultaneously, the 1960’s and the 1980’s respectively; major turning points for him. In the 60s, young musical savant Wilson (Dano) is riding the crest of extraordinary success after hitting big with a series of hit records when he’s struck by a panic attack. As the attacks increase and his grip on reality slowly unravels he stops touring with the band and dedicates his life to creating the ‘best album ever made’, “Pet Sounds”. At the same time in the 80’s, middle-aged Wilson (Cusack) is a broken, bewildered, and befuddled man under the psychological, pharmacological and legal control of shady therapist, Dr. Eugene Landy (Giamatti). When a chance meeting with Cadillac saleswoman Melinda Ledbetter (Banks) sets his restoration and rebirth on a collision course with reality, a fight to save his life begins.

John Cusack as Brian Wilson and Elizabeth Banks as Melinda

John Cusack as Brian Wilson and Elizabeth Banks as Melinda

Love and Mercy is engaging on many levels, and they all work wonderfully. I particularly loved the vision of Paul Dano’s interaction with the ‘clueless’ studio musicians as he struggled to get his ideas on tape, and I can’t say enough about John Cusack’s sterling performance either (probably his best ever) as a shattered shell of a human being, it’s a must see. Then there’s director Bill Pohlad’s unique ability to move seamlessly back and forth between two realities, it’s so vivid and interesting you can’t help but get involved in the story. Additionally, there’s the beautiful Elizabeth Banks’ Melinda (Brian’s second wife), she plays her so well, and she’s such a sweetheart that all you want to do is hug her.

This is deeply satisfying pop biopic, rife with everything a film about a musician can hold. Even the music is superb; it’ll keep you tapping your foot as it moves from familiar tune to familiar tune. And as if all that isn’t enough, after all is said and done and finished, up pops the real Brian Wilson like the icing on a sweet cake singing his heart out at the piano. What more could you want from a film?!!

The real Brian Wilson surrounded by the cast of Love & Mercy

The real Brian Wilson surrounded by the cast of Love & Mercy

So, my take, “God only knows what American pop music would have been without Brian Wilson” I recommend you see this film, its release is small so you’ll have to look for it, but it’s well worth the search.

Rating: 4-1/2 Stars (out of 5) “Love & Mercy” is Rated PG-13 (for thematic elements, drug content and language) Running Time: 2 Hrs

The Imitation Game, a Captivating True Story (Film Review)

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Review by John Delia

Intriguing, suspenseful and compelling, the biography/drama The Imitation Game never allows a dull moment. The film takes some odd twists as it plays out taking its audience into the mind of Alan Turing, a brilliant man who shortened World War II and developed the forerunner of our modern day communications. Outstanding acting by leads Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley should get them attention for an Oscar. Read more…

“Guardians of the Galaxy” a MARVEL’ous Adventure (Film Review)

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Review by John Delia

Flashy, perilous and action packed the movie Guardians of the Galaxy plows into theaters this weekend and it’s good.  Not even 10 minutes into the film and the rollercoaster ride begins in this space adventure battleground for control of the universe.  Well acted and directed the movie laces eye popping CGI with fine camerawork drawing the viewer into a swift moving chase around the galaxy that lasts for nearly 2 hours. Targeted for the thrill seeker, this movie should hit the bull’s eye for a big box-office take. Read more…

“Le Chef” a film for the “foodie” in you (Film Review)

June 28th, 2014 No comments


LECHEF poster artReview by Alyn Darnay

Written and Directed by: Daniel Cohen

Cast: Jean Reno, Michael Youn, Raphaelle Agogue

There have always been movies about cuisine and those artists who create it. “Babette’s Feast”, “Eat Drink Man Woman”, and this year’s “Chef” are prime examples. Each film in its own way is a small masterpiece of culinary cinema leaving audiences hungry by the end of them. Now into the mix comes this frothy French import, and it’s a charming comedy staring, of all people, movie tough guy Jean Reno (The Professional, Ronin), and including a delightful comic turn by the talented Michael Youn (Fatal, Vive La France). So put on your bib, pick up your fork, and dive right into this delicious 5-course meal. Read more…