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Blockbuster or Bust? Brain Waves May Predict Movie Success

People's brain waves may reveal which movies they like, and even predict which movies will do well at the box office, a new study suggests. The researchers then looked at the EEG data on certain brain waves, called beta and gamma waves. Results showed that the beta brain waves were linked with people's rankings of the movies: The more beta wave brain activity there was as a participant watched a …

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Why do blockbusters rarely win top honors at Oscars?

So who has actually seen the top Oscar movies? Take the two frontrunners: “Birdman” was written, produced and directed by Mexican Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu for some $18 million, while “Boyhood” cost only $4 million to make — over 12 years.

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My 2015 Oscar Predictions

After a genuinely terrific cinematic year in 2013, we were probably due for a letdown in 2014, and we got it. There were of course many very good movies last year, but almost all were flawed in one way or another: too narrow, too unfocused, too emotionally remote, or what have you. I’m not sure whether a single one would have cracked my top five of the previous year.

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