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New Low Cost Hitachi DVD Camcorder

Hitachi announced a new low cost DVD camcorder that offers widescreen 16×9 video recording. The UltraVision DZMV730A DVD Camcorder will feature the new Hitachi Image Engine that they claim will provide a 20 percent improvement in video noise reduction and 20 percent longer battery life.

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100 Worst Christmas Movies

The Unhappy Christmas: Jerk-off Drew Latham (Ben Affleck) pays the family living in his childhood home to pretend they are his family, to help with his therapy. Ask For The Receipt When: Drew writes a script for his pretend family to read, and it’s better than the one being used by the director.

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Sony and Panasonic reveal Blu-ray successor plans

A 300GB successor to the Blu-ray standard has been revealed by Sony and Panasonic. The BBC reports that the format is intended to be in place by 2015 and is being designed with an eye on the new 4K Ultra High Resolution standard. Movies made to this spec will likely be in excess of 100GB in size.

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