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Blu-ray exploit makes PowerDVD even more bloated

Blu-ray disks are harbouring two dangerous exploits that would allow an attacker to potentially launch executables remotely using a disk drive. First reported by The Register, hacker Stephen Tomkinson found two separate vulnerabilities in Blu-ray disks involve the infamous piece of bloatware CyberLink PowerDVD and a rooting process that utilises an external USB. The first one takes advantage of …

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Meet the Blu-ray disc that does 4K and lasts forever (almost)

Despite the arrival of cloud storage and the ever-decreasing price of data storage, optical media still have a place in computing, especially when it comes to storing bytes in a safe place for a long time. Verbatim has unveiled a new 100GB Blu-ray optical disc, the M-DISC, which promises to store data for as long as 2000 years.

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Cable Channels Put Movies on Regular Repeat

You’d think by now people might be tired of “The Hangover,” the raunchy 2009 comedy about four guys and the bachelor party from hell. After all, the movie has run 72 times on HBO and Cinemax, 46 times …

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Blu-ray region locks popped by hardware hacker

ODM firmware allows code to run from USB sticks Scores of Blu-ray players from the biggest names in the industry contain security vulnerabilities that allow region coding to be unlocked, hardware hacker Matthew Garrett says.…

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