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Med students study hard – at the movies

Slouching on the sofa watching movies often isn't the best way to get study done, but for medical students, a trip to the DVD store can be good for grades.Senior academics at Otago University's department of public health in Wellington…

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Why Liam Neeson's dadsploitation films shut out women

Taken created a genre of action films starring older male protagonists. Why are they all men? Because in movies, women still aren’t allowed to take vengeance on behalf of others – they have to be victimised first At this point, the thing that Pierre Morel, Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen created with Taken , and what Liam Neeson gave his shovel-shaped Gaelic face to, has become its own genre …

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Several Disney movies actually had dark origins

Washington, Jan 17 (ANI): Disney movies may be dedicated to kids entirely, however, few of their movies had dark origins. 'Hercules' that is assumed to be the son of happily married couple Zeus and Hera but in the original Greek tale, Hercules is the son of Zeus and a mortal, Alcmene and Zeus had a wandering thunder bolt, which is a pretty tame origin story compared to some other Disney adapted …

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No gays, no blacks, no fat people: film advertising betrayals

In the US, the DVD of Pride, the film about gay activists in the 80s miners’ strike, makes no mention of the word gay and describes the activists as ’London-based’. Unfortunately, it’s not the first case of a film being mis-sold The hit Britcom Pride told of the alliance in the mid-1980s between gay activists and striking miners – miners on strike, that is, as opposed to men who look especially …

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