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Addonics Announces Combo 16x DVD/48x CDRW Drive

Addonics Technologies today announced its fastest and most flexible DVD player/CD burner with the release of its Mobile DVD/CDRW drive. The new Addonics Mobile DVD/CDRW drive offers value and performance with its 16x DVD player, 48x write/24x rewrite CDRW burner, and 48x CD-ROM.

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New Low Cost Hitachi DVD Camcorder

Hitachi announced a new low cost DVD camcorder that offers widescreen 16×9 video recording. The UltraVision DZMV730A DVD Camcorder will feature the new Hitachi Image Engine that they claim will provide a 20 percent improvement in video noise reduction and 20 percent longer battery life.

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Outerwall ending Redbox in Canada

Bellevue-based Outerwall, best known for its Redbox DVD-rental kiosks and Coinstar coin-counting machines, said today that it’s shutting down its Redbox operations in Canada.

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Blu-ray exploit makes PowerDVD even more bloated

Blu-ray disks are harbouring two dangerous exploits that would allow an attacker to potentially launch executables remotely using a disk drive. First reported by The Register, hacker Stephen Tomkinson found two separate vulnerabilities in Blu-ray disks involve the infamous piece of bloatware CyberLink PowerDVD and a rooting process that utilises an external USB. The first one takes advantage of …

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