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LVN movies for emotion, Hiwaga ‘komiks’ for imagination

“BAKYA crowd” is a term coined by the late and famous film director, Bert Avellana, to describe the reason for the box-office success of films. The sound of thousands of wooden clogs clickity-clacking on the marble lobbies of Dalisay or Life theaters meant the masa viewer came to see Tagalog films in droves in the ’50s.

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Hot X-appeal

Comic book movies now regularly dominate the box office, but this wasn’t always the case. Many may forget now, but director Bryan Singer’s “X-Men,” released in 2000 and based on the wildly popular Marvel Comics property about a heroic band of super-powered mutants, helped pave the way for the phalanx of super-hero flicks which came after it.

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Movies take a spiritual turn

Don’t look now, but global entertainment is about to take a decidedly spiritual turn. No, the cold-blooded hacks and hucksters of the beastly biz haven’t suddenly found God, they’ve pragmatically looked at the impressive ratings and profits of last season’s “The Bible” miniseries on the History Channel, and they want to make all that money and manna from heaven, too!

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Weng Weng Lives!

In any knowledgeable discussion of Philippine movies—at least among non-native cineastes—two films inevitably come up.

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