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'Tarantino XX': Exclusive Clip From Blu-ray Special Features

With the “Tarantino XX” Blu-ray collection hitting store shelves today, now seems like as good a time as any to take a look back at one of the most influential filmmakers of our generation. MTV News has an exclusive look at one of the bonus features on this exciting boxed set, which shows Pam Grier

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What Secrets Does The 'Prometheus' Blu-ray Hold?

FROM FILM.COM The fine folks over at Film.com jetted off to London to talk “Prometheus” with a few of the people behind the movie in time for its Blu-ray release. The team offered a ton of insight, including this gem from production designer, Arthur Max.” “We’d always toyed with the idea of terraforming within the

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'Hunger Games' On DVD: We Got A Sneak Peek!

“Hunger Games” DVD/Blu-ray countdown alert: There are less than two weeks to wait before we can all bring home the year’s best book-to-movie adaptation thus far. And while it would be nice if the August 18 release date would come a little sooner, the clever folks at Lionsgate Home Entertainment helped increase excitement levels by

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'LOL' DVD Exclusive: What's It Like Working With Miley Cyrus?

If you missed Miley Cyrus’ theatrical turn as teen Lola in the comedy “LOL,” now is your chance to remedy that grave oversight. The flick, which also stars Douglas Booth, Demi Moore and Ashley Greene, hits DVD and Blu-ray on July 31, meaning you can laugh out loud as often as your little heart desires

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Flo Rida To Release Workout DVD?

By Cristina Recino Yes, you read correctly. Flo Rida has a workout DVD in the works, according to Billboard, who talked to the rapper about his upcoming projects at the Teen Choice Awards

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'Avengers' Blu-Ray Gets Two Trailers In Today's Tights!

“Marvel’s The Avengers” crushed the box office, and Earth’s mightiest heroes are likely to repeat their success once the Joss Whedon super-flick hits home video. If nothing else, “Avengers” has the coolest Blu-ray trailer we’ve seen in quite some time. Two of them, actually! Join us in today’s round of Tights to see if you

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