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The Rover DVD Review

I wanted to see The Rover for two reasons. The first being that director David Michod is the next big thing to come out of Australia for film. His film Animal Kingdom (2010) is unanimously hailed by critics.

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On Movies: Getting ‘Gone Girl’ on film

'I know, I know, I can't come up with anything new,” David Fincher said with a mock sigh, responding to the observation that with Gone Girl, the twice Oscar-nominated director has tackled yet another mega-bestselling book. His take on Stieg Larsson's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, steeped in murder, mystery, and Swedish meatballs, opened in 2011.

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Trio of dark DVD delights: 'Hunchback,' 'Indemnity' and 'Evil'

A trio of dark Hollywood classics from different decades has been digitally spiffed up to tip-top condition just in time for new DVD releases. Earliest of the three is the silent version of Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” starring the peerless Lon Chaney in a role that joins pathos…

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'Rififi,' 'Breathless' are French treats on DVD

Nothing suits a legendary film, especially a French one, better than getting the Criterion Collection treatment, and two new movies, equally compelling but very different, get the joint DVD/Blu-Ray package from that fine company. “Rififi,” directed by American expatriate Jules Dassin, is…

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Why Were There So Many Great Movies in 2013? An Economic Explanation

How good was 2013 for movies? David Edelstein, the movie critic for New York, called it “miraculous.” As our critic Chris Orr pointed out correctly, the best movie of the year doesn’t even have a shot at winning best picture and didn’t even get nominated for best director or lead actor. But Ben Fritz, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, says something is fundamentally changing in Hollywood …

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