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Med students study hard – at the movies

Slouching on the sofa watching movies often isn't the best way to get study done, but for medical students, a trip to the DVD store can be good for grades.Senior academics at Otago University's department of public health in Wellington…

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Catch up on the best Marvel comics before they become movies with Scribd

The floodgates have official been opened in regards to comic book movies. Over the next few years, Marvel, DC, Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox are going to release over 30 movies starring some of our favorites superheroes (and other we’ve never heard of), which means it’s probably time that we caught up on the full stories. DON’T MISS: 4 Pirate Bay alternatives every torrent fan should know …

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NZ up with latest technology trends

Smartphones and Blu-ray players are killing off other gadgets as a retailer here says New Zealand is broadly following overseas consumer technology trends.Jignesh Gajjar, of Smiths City in Christchurch, said customers were showing…

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Best picture Oscar contenders often break the genre film barrier

There is a long-running misconception that members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences love only underdog biopics, literary adaptations and anything in which Meryl Streep speaks with an accent. But if you look at the list of the 500-plus movies that have received best picture…

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