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Oscars telecast: come for the music, stay for the movies?

It is the 87th Academy Awards and the telecast producers know they need new viewers who might require more enticement than a slew of good movies and gorgeous movie stars to show up for Hollywood's biggest night Sunday. Zadan and producing partner Neil Meron, now in their third year behind America's biggest non-sports televised event, need to do that without alienating the adult audience that …

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The Boxtrolls Blu-ray Review

It’s January and the weather has gone from holiday cheerful to cold and gray. Luckily, The Boxtrolls arrives on DVD and Blu-ray this week to add some color and fun back into an otherwise dull winter.

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The Increasing Batmanization of Bond Movies

In one of the highest-grossing movies of the 21st century, an orphan-turned-superhero fought a terrifying anarchic villain with a gruesome facial deformity and a penchant for shooting his own associates. The villain targeted the lone surviving woman the superhero loved, eventually killing her after an epic succession of showdowns involving helicopters, secret underground tunnels and a kindly …

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'A Night at the Movies': When George Lucas talks about movies, you listen

When George Lucas is talking about fantasy movies, you don't need many other interviewees. Or any other.So found Laurent Bouzereau, a veteran maker of behind-the-scenes film documentaries. The latest of his “A Night at the Movies” specials for Turner Classic Movies — “George Lucas & the World of Fantasy Cinema,” debuting Tuesday (Nov

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16 Hidden Secrets In Pixar And Disney Movies That Actually Exist In Real Life

Disney Disney’s newest film, “Big Hero 6,” opens this week.  And some eagle-eyed viewers have already spotted some Easter eggs in the trailer that was released over the summer.  An Easter egg, as it relates to movies, is when the movie’s creators hide something in the film that’s an intentional inside joke.  John Lasseter, cofounder of Pixar and now overseer of all animation projects at Disney …

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