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Can Indie Filmmakers Save Religious Cinema?

As “faith-based” films flooded into theaters last year, writers fell over themselves to declare 2014 the “year of the Bible movie.” It seemed as if the market—meaning Christian audiences to many—had finally come into its own, a decade after the runaway box-office success of The Passion of the Christ. Certainly, movies that reinforce beliefs their target audience already hold can make a lot of …

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Valentine's Day Weekend Movies to See Besides Fifty Shades of Grey

BREAKING: Fifty Shades of Grey is not the only film opening in theaters this Valentine’s Day weekend! So if you’re in the mood to cut ties with Anastasia and Christian for a few hours — or refuse to get roped into a disappointing sexual thriller — feel free to submit to these bright alternatives.

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DVD hardware news

Posted Friday, January 28th, 2005 Viewed 2125 times. “T+A is introducing a completely new line of disc players to the market, catering for the most important music and video formats.

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Razzies 2015: Which bad movies will/should 'win'

Is it wrong to wish the Razzies tried just a little harder? Let me explain. For 35 years now, the Golden Raspberry Awards have taken pride in âhonoringâ the worst of film at a cheap-ass ceremony held annually on Oscar Day Eve, just around the corner from âthat other award show.â Many of the eventâs…

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