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Portable DVD player: watch a movie, play a game

When is a car DVD player not a car DVD player? When it’s removable. Axion, a company that specializes in mobile entertainment, has released a dual-widescreen DVD player that you can take with you, especially when you’re on the road.

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Dual-format Total HD discs get big backing

That dual-format DVD that we told you about a few days back is a big hit with big-box retailers in the U.S. Time Warner is announcing that Best Buy, Circuit City, and Amazon will carry the Total HD discs, which support both Blu-Ray and HD DVD.

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Panasonic Shows New Ultra-Slim Drives at Comdex

LAS VEGAS – Panasonic’s commitment to the Recordable DVD and PC industry continues with the announcement of a new line-up of DVD MULTI Drives that offer users a fast, slim option for all multi-media recording needs.

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Eyetop Now Bundeled as a Wearable Mobile DVD

Like something out of I Robot, Eyetop , the wearable video display screen sunglasses from Kopin are now being bundled with a portable DVD player. The Eyetop itself features a small 2cm active matrix LCD screen (76,800 pixels) which appears 12 times larger when placed close to the eye.

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Fujifilm Blu-ray, HD DVD media coming soon

The next generation of optical storage media will begin about halfway through this year for Fujifilm as the company is set to launch Blu-ray and HD DVD media around that time. While other companies have thrown in their loyalty to one media format over the other, Fujifilm has opted to adopt both.

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