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Stranger at My Door (Blu-ray)

Recommended Its title suggests a film noir, but in fact Stranger at My Door (1956) is a Western drama with religious overtones, a very offbeat film for B-movie studio Republic Pictures, which specialized in far more routine oaters. It's a strange movie, on one hand filmed in Republic's usual flat style for the most part, and the religious aspects are heavy-handed, annoying, and at times …

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The Facts of Life (1960) (Blu-ray)

Recommended Note: images are from promotional sources and do not reflect the quality of the Blu Ray under review. The Movie: You take the good, you take the bad, you take two unhappily married people stranded in Acapulco and whatta you have? 1960's The Facts of Life was the result, the third onscreen teaming for comedy legends Bob Hope and Lucille Ball.

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Best Seller (Blu-ray)

Recommended THE FILM: After getting shot by a Richard Nixon-masked bank robber during a heist, LAPD officer Dennis Meechum (Brian Dennehy) turns his account of the events into a bestselling novel. Years later, Meechum is a successful detective looking for a hit follow-up novel but lacking inspiration

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Convicts (Blu-ray)

Recommended THE FILM: Robert Duvall gives a highly underrated performance as Soll Gautier, a senile plantation farmer, in Peter Masterson's Convicts , which is based on a play by Horton Foote. A young Lukas Haas plays thirteen-year-old Horace Robedaux, who comes to Gautier's plantation to earn the $12.50 he needs to pay for a headstone on his father's grave. Dementia takes a heavy toll on the …

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Without a Clue (Blu-ray)

Recommended Without a Clue (1988), a comedy suggesting Dr. Watson was the real brains behind Sherlock Holmes's crime-solving, should be totally delightful but just isn't. The picture has everything going for it: a strong cast, handsome production values, a score by Henry Mancini, and a screenplay written by Holmes experts with obvious affection.

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Genshiken: Second Generation – Complete Collection (Blu-ray)

Rent It Genshiken Second Generation Blu-ray Review Genshiken Second Generation is actually asequelseries to the Genshiken anime production. While it's officiallyconsidered a “second season” it's actually the third season producedand there's even an OVA spin-off which preceded it as well. (The seriesevenmakes a referential joke to this odd fact in one of the episodepreviews.)   It's a …

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