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‘Rewrite’ celebrates literature, redemption

If you love movies, all movies, but especially Hugh Grant movies, you are going to love “The Rewrite.” Yes, it’s one of those meta-­movies about movies, more or less, with a genuine Grant Golden Globe acceptance speech in it, but with a stellar cast and a twist. Meet Keith Michaels (Grant). He’s a washed-up British screenwriter in Los Angeles, who won an Academy Award for his first script (ergo …

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Blu-ray review: 'Justice League: Throne of Atlantis'

With so much time to kill waiting for the Batman-Superman movie, Warner Bros . continues to feed the DC Comics base red meat with its direct-to-Blu-Ray animated movies, creating a satisfying superhero experience on the relative cheap. Enter ” Justice League : Throne of Atlantis,” an adaptation of the graphic novel that brings together the team to defend the surface from an Atlantean invasion …

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Study: Movies with women in prominent roles earn more money

Despite Hollywood’s love for testosterone-dominated movies, a recent study has found that movies with a strong female component actually perform better at the box office and cost less to make. Nate Silver’s ESPN blog FiveThirtyEight used the Bechdel test, a barometer of gender equity invented by cartoonist Alison Bechdel, to scrutinize 1,615 films released between 1990 and 2013. It compared the …

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