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BLOCK PARTY a Laugh a Minute





Review by John Delia

The comedy Block Party starts out like a drama and quickly turns into a very funny film. If you like fun films like Barbershop, this mostly all ladies cast will treat you to as much comedy and surprises. It’s a laugh a minute. The cast for the film serves up a nice treat with their many quirky characters making it enjoyable right to the hilarious finale.

Antoinette Robertson in BLOCK PARTY from Buzzfeed Studios

Recent Harvard grad Keke McQueen (Antoinette Robertson) wants to jump into the work place in Atlanta where she has had an offer. It’s a chance to complete her dream circle and there’s nothing that’s going to stop her. However, a phone call bearing some unfavorable news that her grandmother, Janice (Margaret Avery), may be dealing with dementia. So Keke decides to take a side-trip to her home town in Michigan.

Worried and disappointed, Keke finds her grandma in the middle of her 40th yearly block party with everyone around her befuddled on what to do. But, the love of her grandma holds no bounds and Keke finds herself putting the neighborhoods most esteemed Juneteenth event in motion. But, it’s not long when she runs into problems from every which way including the Fire Chief (Faizon Love), her mom Tasha McQueen (Golden Brooks), her ex-boyfriend Will Reacher (Terayle Hill) and jealous cousin Eboni (Birgundi Baker).

A scene from BLOCK PARTY photo courtesy of Buzzfeed Studios

What seemed just a quick stopover, has turned into a challenge that goes as far as putting Keke’s job opportunity in jeopardy. Director Dawn Wilkinson sets aside her TV directing career to make Block Party her first full feature film and it’s a winner. She brings out the best in her stars and with a smart move lets Margaret Avery pull off one of her iconic comedic performances. Just putting it out there that the energizing performance by Antoinette Robertson as Keke McQueen may be the key to uplifting her career. You’ll love the super cameo between Margaret Avery and John Amos (as grandma’s old boyfriend).

Margaret Avery in BLOCK PARTY from Buzzfeed Studios

Block Party has not been rated by the MPAA, but contains language and sexual references. I like the tempo at which the film gets played out, the cinematography and especially the characters that are memorable. If you like the film Meet the Browns or most all of the Tyler Perry’s comedy movies, then run to see Block Party.

Additional Film Information:
Cast: Antionette Robertson, Margaret Avery, Golden Brooks, Faizon Love, Gary Anthony Williams, Terayle Hill, John Amos
Directed By: Dawn Wilkinson
Genre: Comedy, Family
MPAA Rating: Not Rated, contains language, sexual references
Running Time: 1 hr. 30 min.
Opening Date: June 8
Distributed by: Buzzfeed Studios
Released in: Theaters (Streaming on BET+ June 16) For theater locations https://juneteenthblockparty.com/

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