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FLIFF Unveils 2020 Film Festival Poster





Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Friday, August 28) –The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) unveiled the poster and trailer for the 35th annual edition on the 40’ screen at FLIFF Drive-In Cinema last night at Pier Sixty-Six Marina South. Prior to the debut, live entertainment included: a dazzling stilt walker, a classic car display provided by Russ G. Events, and live music performed by local South Florida artists Cynfully Sweet, Ambori Jani, and Taylor Davis. Shared on screen were video congratulations for FLIFF’s 35 years from past Honorees, actors Joe Pantoliano and Diane Baker, Ed Harris and Kerry Sanders.

Gregory von Hausch, President and CEO of FLIFF, introduced Andy Royston, the designer of the this year’s poster and public information specialist in the marketing department of Broward County Cultural Division, as well as Brian Bayerl and Danny Wilson, partners in GreenDoor East, Inc., a boutique production facility that created, shot, and edited the trailer.

fliff Taylor Davis, Cynfully Sweet, Ambori Jani. photos courtesy of FLIFF

The FLIFF 2020 poster and trailer represent our lives in a Covid-19 world. The art and video depict our increased dependence on technology, the daily outpouring of adverse news, and the return to the nostalgic Drive-In for an escape through film.

Von Hausch commented, “2020 has been a turbulent year full of distress and discord. During the most difficult periods in history, movies have always provided us with an escape from the reality of our daily lives. Simultaneously, films offer a contemporary view of the situation we’re now confronted with. I think our film selections and events this year will be a welcome diversion for everyone.”

The trailer features two young actors from Broward County, Andre Nagle and Shanna Johnson, on a date to see a film at FLIFF Drive-In Cinema. As they tune the radio, they scroll past unpleasant news, but are visibly relieved when they reach the FLIFF Drive-In radio channel.

Coming attractions of several films to premiere during the film festival were presented, including: “I Hate Summer”, an Italian comedy about three families that end up in the same rented house, and “How To Be A Good Wife”, starring Juliette Binoche, a comedy and drama set in the 1960’s about a housekeeping school for teen girls to become perfect wives.

The film festival will feature over 150 American Indie and international films in Covid-19 safe venues, including: Drive-Ins, a Boat-In, Dinner and Movie at restaurants with outdoor dining, at Savor Cinema and Cinema Paradiso. Films will also be available to view at home via Eventive Virtual Cinema. Filmmaker and celebrity Q&A’s will be live-streamed in all formats.

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