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Sick and Twisted at “TWO HEADS CREEK”




Review by John Delia

A very cool sick and twisted horror comedy Two Heads Creek takes you on the road to Australia for a reunion. Nicely written, acted and directed, if you like wicked bloody action, this one will have you rolling on the floor. A bit over the top, but who’s counting heads in this sordid tale from the “Down Under”?

Twins Norman (Jordan Waller) and his sister Annabelle (Kathryn Wilder) have been living in London since being adopted. Norman works for his adopted mother in her butcher shop and Annabelle has been the poster girl for Stool Always, a popular laxative. They are not aware that they has been adopted.

Jordan Waller as Norman and Kathryn Wilder  as Annabelle in Two Heads Creek from The Horror Collective

Following the death of their adopted mother the twins go through some of her old things and Annabelle finds a post card from Two Heads Creek, Australia sent by a Mary Pearce (Kerry Armstrong). The card reveals that she is their birth mother. Realizing that Norman would never be able to run the butcher shop the two decide to head for Two Heads Creek to find Mary Pearce.

When they get to Two Heads Creek however, they find the jerkwater town in the middle of nowhere unfit for humans. Director Jesse O’Brien moves his film along quickly at first and then settles for some gruesome fun in the run down town. He works his magic creating some very putrid surroundings for the setting, some evil looking citizens, and a couple of dastardly town officials. They greet their newest guests who claim to be the offspring of the woman who had once owned Two Heads Creek. From there, it all goes goulash and freaky as the twins find the hospitality unhinged.

Jordan Waller as Norman and Kathryn Wilder  as Annabelle in Two Heads Creek from The Horror Collective

The acting by Jordan Waller as Norman, the gullible half of the unsuspecting twins, is perfect for the deadpan receiver of most of the comedic situations. He finds the traveling from England to the bottom of the world may not have been his best decision when he finds the townsfolk a little too welcoming. It’s Waller’s first big screen debut and he nails the naïve character.

Playing his opposite the fetching Annabelle, Kathryn Wilder puts on a show with her dominating attitude. But, even with a strong will, there may be no way to get to the bottom of the real reason the town’s officials lured them there in the first place. Wilder nearly works her “butt” off in the role in one gory scene and makes the film a winner.

Kerry Armstrong as Mary Pearce,, Kathryn Wilder as Annebelle, and Madelaine Nunn as Daisy in Two Heads Creek from Horror Collective

Two Heads Creek has not been rated by the MPAA, but contains strong bloody violence, gore, language, includes crude nudity along with some vulgar tongue in cheek humor. Not for the immature the film can be viewed starting today on VOD and other on-demand platforms.

FINAL ANALYSIS: If you are into sick and twisted, you’ll find a lot of it here. (4 out of 5 stars…for the genre fans)

Additional Film Information:
Cast: Kathryn Wilder, Jordan Waller, Kerry Armstrong, Stephen Hunter, Gary Sweet, Don Bridges, Kevin Harrington, and Helen Dallimore
Directed by: Jesse O’Brien
Genre: Horror, Comedy
MPAA Rating: No Rated
Running Time: 1 hr. 25 min.
Opening Date: June 23, 2020
Distributed by: The Horror Collective
Released in: VOD and on-demand platforms

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