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“BRAVEHEART” AND “GLADIATOR” now on 4K Steelbook


Two Oscar winners for best picture Gladiator 20th Anniversary and Braveheart 25th Anniversary have been released on 4K in Steelbooks that also contains the Ultra Blu-ray. The two films have a lot in common, excellent production values, an action packed adventure story and an incredible cast. Both films also took 4 additional academy awards to their credit. The Steelbook is a hard metal box with three discs and a digital code for on the go entertainment. The box is about the size of a Blu-ray and makes the set a damage free collector’s item. Both Steelbooks have hours of Bonus Features.

Russell Crowe and Djimon Hounsou in Gladiator From Paramount Home Entertainment

In Gladiator General Maximus leader of the Roman Army he has to face off their final enemy the Germanic tribes. It will be a devastating battle with bosses on both sides, but in the end a final win for the Roman Empire. While the battle rages the Roman Emperor Caesar looks on and after rewards Maximus with words of valor offering him his throne. Arriving in time for the finish of the battle and with the reception of the victorious army, Emperor‘s son Commodus intrudes on the celebration. Jealous of what Maximus has accomplished he sets off with an evil plan to take his rightful place on the throne of his ailing father using treachery if necessary.

Thus begins a tale of deceit and anguish as Maximus is caught up in a struggle to return to his home only to find a loss he cannot live with. Adding to the evil that has come upon Maximus is the jealous Lucilla, daughter of the Emperor, who has the ear of her brother the new Caesar Commodus. Director Ridley Scott sets the film in motion with a lot of action and violence then settles temporality to set the scene for some vicious Gladiator action in Caesar’s Coliseum.


Mel Gibson in Braveheart From Paramount Home Entertainment

In Braveheart the year is 1280 and King Edward has conquered Scotland taking over the country and making it a part of Great Britain. Years later we find Scottish kinsman William Wallace (Mel Gibson) marrying Murron MacClannough. When she gets taken and executed, Wallace takes up arms and puts together a massive army to strike back and take back Scotland in revenge and retribution. Taking the battle to England, Wallace pushes forward to take down King Edward. In an incredible battle filled with action, the whole of Scotland depends on a victory for their country.

Gibson directs the movie and was awarded the Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Director. The film went on to become a worldwide box office hit grossing over $210 million.

In addition to their original theatrical releases of Gladiator and Braveheart, both have extended editions. They both have multiple audio selections, commentary by directors, cast and other crew, subtitles in English, English SDH, Spanish, and French.

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