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If you are a romantic or an avid novel reader of dramas that are vivid, engrossing, and compelling, then you will be able to binge watch this very moving series by one of America’s best read writers. Brought together as a collection the 5 TV episodes of the “Casteel Family” written by V. C. Anderson, the DVD is one of the best produced of the genre. Pick an afternoon and evening combined and sit back in your easy chair and press play for 7 plus hours of pure Lifetime enjoyment.

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It’s just another school day for Fanny and Heaven Casteel, sisters who are the oldest in a family of five. But High School in Winnerow, although a typical learning center, is not without bullies and clicks. Being from the hills that surround Winnerow, most families living there are more unfortunate than their rich counterparts that live in luxury homes. The popular boys rule the lunch room and study halls and take advantage of their popularity by making innocent girls, like the Casteel sisters, their targets by taking advantage of their low esteem. On this one day Fanny gives in to their offer of meeting in a lavatory where they smoke. The wicked of the two, Fanny is always putting Heaven down, just to get free of her hold on her. She especially reminds Heaven that daddy doesn’t care about her engaging her tainted ego so she can slip away with the boys. But, Heaven is always rescuing Fanny from the “bad” townies.

Their bother Tom, also a teenager, has the same problem getting bullied with off color remarks about being a hillbilly. But the kid’s home life isn’t any better having to do chores, watching toddlers, cutting firewood and cooking for the family. Most of which has been Heaven’s work, leaving her to fend for herself with Sarah her stepmother who takes advantage of a dark side created by Luke. But, their plight with the towns folk isn’t only because of being poor, but due to an incident involving Heaven’s grandfather and the mayor’s dead 15 year old son. The town’s people never forgave Grandpa Casteel for selling the Mayor’s boy bootleg alcohol that had caused him crash.

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Other members of the Casteel family are Keith and Janey the youngster twins. Luke, their father has returned after being away working for weeks in another town. Along with his wife Sarah and his mother Gran make up the household. Luke’s hatrod for Heaven is the unconscionable reason that it was her fault that his wife Leigh “Angel” Vanvoreen died while birthing her.

The series continues after the first episode titled Heaven with Dark Angel where the main character Heaven is finishing High School and goes on to college. Continuing with her love life in the process and her new found family The Tatterton’s in Farthinggale, she has become a bit lost. From there the next episode Fallen Hearts deals with her father Luke Casteel who has moved on from his house in the hills following the sale of his children to a better station in life. Fallen Harts involves a horrible accident that brings Luke’s son Drake into the picture and continues the saga that’s followed by Gates of Paradise. This is where the film takes the youngest Casteel’s into the world of the rich. The finale Web of Dreams takes Heaven’s daughter Annie back to the Tatterton’s estate. There Annie is given her Grandmother Leigh’s diary and in flashbacks tells the story of Angel’s beginning with Luke Casteel. The final book ends the series coming full cycle.

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The 5 episode season has all the trappings of most of Lifetime films that include marriage, failed marriage, unexpected deaths, twists of fate, disappointments, jealousy, cheating, passions, secrets, sexual indiscretions, lies and more. If you enjoy emotional tales that depict a slice of life that’s unfamiliar, then the Casteel Family is right up your alley.

The series is rated TV-14 by the TV Rating system and contains language, sex, rape, brutality and underage drinking. The two discs contain all 5 episodes of V.C. Andrew’s saga. Andrew’s (Virginia C. Andrews) is noted for best sellers and novels to movies Flowers in the Atitc, Petals on the Wind, Garden of Shadows and many more

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FINAL ANALYSIS: A very nice production for the genre lovers. (4 out of 5 Stars)

Specifications and additional video information:
Cast: Annalise Basso, Julie Benz, Jason Priestley, Kelly Rutherford, and Daphne Zuniga
Directed by: Paul Shapiro (Heaven and Dark Angel) Jason Priestley (Fallen Hearts, Gates of Paradise) and Mike Rohl (Web of Dreams)
Books Written by: Virginia C. Andews
Genre: Drama, Romance
Complete Collection Includes: “Heaven”, “Dark Angel”, “Fallen Hearts”, “Gates of Paradise” and “Web of Dreams”
TV Rating: TV-14, language, underage drinking, sex, rape, brutality
Combined Running Time: 443 minutes
Video Release Date: February 22, 2020
Language: English
Reviewed Format: DVD
Audio: Dolby
Video: 16×9 Aspect Ratio 1.78:1
Subtitles: English SDH
Distributed by: Lionsgate
Released on: DVD

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