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“QT8: The First 8” Tarantino’s Friends Tell All



Written by John Delia

Most documentaries are informative, interesting, biographical, and sometimes even urgent to join their cause, but very few are entertaining. So for the big fans of action, crime and even war comes a documentary on the eight films of Quentin Tarantino. I like this guy as he really doesn’t give a damn about political correctness, your prejudice or even the way you dress, eat or deal with a supreme being; and even what social injustice has been bestowed on you. He just makes movies that are openly action oriented that mostly deal with unexpected death and the way the person met their demise.

Kind of a hero to most, Tarantino is one of my favorites. He builds his stories around the “what if” it really happened this way. So why not put a documentary out there on what makes this guy tick? I like him personally because he’s a Goombah (Italian term for a person of Italian-American origin) like myself. I have nothing against the fact that he’s got some Irish in him as all of my children do as well.

The film is called QT8: The First Eight and with the help of his former cast members, critics and crew members they have put together a touching, outspoken, irreverent and sometimes hilarious presentation of the man who won 2 Oscars and has 139 wins from critics groups and additional 183 nominations for his work. And the films that received most of them are viscous, outlandish, and improbable, yet even wishful thinking.

Enough about the guy, here’s the lowdown on the film. The eight films predominate in the doc are ones you probably have on your shelf, or should have if you are a fan of the director, writer, producer and even a film crew member. They include Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill 1&2, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Inglourous Basterds, The H8ful Eight, Django Unchained, and mentions of True Romance, along with Natural Born Killers and From Dust Till Dawn.

During the past 21 years of his career Quintin Tarantino has entertained by being up in your face about life, history and even the guy next door. QT8 entertains by the comments and remembrances from Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Kurt Russell, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Jason Lee, Lucy Liu, Diane Kruger, Zoe Bell, writer Scott Spiegel, producer Stacey Sher, producer Richard Gladstein and many others. And, there’s even talk about Harvey Weinstein that will curl your mustache if you have one.

The film is rated TV-MA for a mature audience and contains language, violence from the scenes of Tarantino’s movies and other gems.

FINAL ANALYSIS: I loved the doc and if you a fan or just like his style of writing/directing it’s a must watch. (5 out of 5 Stars)

Additional Film Information:
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Kurt Russell, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Jason Lee, Lucy Liu, Diane Kruger, Zoe Bell
Directed and written by: Tara Wood
Genre: Documentary
TV Rating: TV-MA
Running Time: 2 hrs.
Opening Date: October 21, 2019
Distributed by: Fathom Events
Released in: Theaters for Tickets and Theaters go to www.FathomEvents.com,

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