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“Miss Virginia” Inspiring True Story




Review by John Delia

A very inspirational true story the movie Miss Virginia takes you into inner-city Washington D.C. and one woman’s determination to get her son an education. The heartfelt and emotional story was the impetus for better education through an incentive program that changed the lives of thousands of children. The acting is exceptional and direction spot on delivering enjoyable entertainment with some tears of joy.

Single mother Virginia Walden (Uzo Aduba) goes to see the principal and he tells her that her 15-year-old son James’s (Niles Fitch) situation is very serious as he cuts class constantly and when he does show up he doesn’t even try; as he hands her an F paper for a math test. The next day James gets caught up in a beat down of his science classmate Jerome (Ethan Herisse) on school grounds. Back to the Principal’s office, Virginia finds out the details and talks him out of calling the police in exchange for James being suspended.

Matthew Modine as Congressman Cliff Williams and Uzo Aduba as Virginia in the drama, “MISS VIRGINIA,” a Vertical Entertainment release. Photo courtesy of Vertical Entertainment.

On the way home with James, Virginia passes a private school and sees the happy students filing out for the day. She vows that she will make an attempt to get him into that environment. She finds it’s very cost prohibitive on her salary as a telemarketer, but she makes promises to the school that she will pay the $3,300 semester tuition. Thus begins a heartfelt film that will touch you in ways that will make you believe, understand, cheer and maybe even have you shedding a few teardrops along the way.

Director R.J. Daniel Hanna takes the script by Erin O’Conner and makes it an eye opener about the school system in the Washington D.C. area. As the film follows Virginia through her two jobs and scaled down budget to near poverty level. He then turns to her fight with the city to get them to work with her on getting a scholarship to qualified students to choose private schools. But, corruption has seeped into the D. C. politicians and now she’s challenged to get a house bill approved by the Federal Government.

Niles Fitch as James in MISS VIRGINIA from Vertical Entertainment

The film is one of those few stories that show how one person can make a difference if they fight hard enough. The incentive and the results of Virginia Walden’s journey are the reward. In the role of Walden, Uzo Aduba gives an amazing performance of the woman on a mission to save her son from the streets and the failing school system. It’s that once a year moment from an actor that gives their all as if they were the character in real life. If you have watched the series Orange is the New Black on Showtime or Netflix you have seen Uzo’s comedic side, but here the depiction in this drama is top drawer convincing.

Kimberly Hebert Gregory as Tasha White, Uzo Aduba as Virginia and Amirah Vann as Shondae Smith in the drama, “MISS VIRGINIA,” a Vertical Entertainment release. Photo courtesy of Vertical Entertainment.

Miss Virginia has not been rated by the MPAA, but contains language, drugs,bullying and some violence. The film may be adult oriented, but mature teens should not have a problem with the storyline and dialogue.

FINAL ANALYSIS: It’s an eye opener and a heartfelt film. (4 out of 5 stars)

Additional Film Information:
Cast: Uzo Aduba, Matthew Modine, April Grace, Adina Porter, Aunjanue Ellis, Niles Fitch, Ethan Herisse, and Vanessa Williams
Directed by: R.J. Daniel Hanna
Genre: Drama
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 1 hr. 42 min.
Opening Date: October 18, 2019
Distributed by: Vertical Entertainment

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