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ONE NIGHT WITH DICE on DVD review by John Delia

January 18th, 2011


Starring: Andrew Dice Clay

Directed by: Kevin Padden

Running Time: 46 Min

Genre: Stand-up Comedy, Live Concert

By John Delia

Sit back, turn on the subtitles so you won’t miss a word and have a ball.  One Night With Dice takes you on a walk down 1980’s memory lane when Andrew Dice Clay was the toast of the stand-up comedians.  Now on DVD for the first time the show shocker pulls no punches, defies social norms and gives all he’s got.

One of the most outrageous comedians of all time, Dice gives 46 minutes of non-stop laughter at Philadelphia’s Comedy Factory Outlet.  Although I found my ears burning, I did enjoy seeing the master on stage with his arrogant demeanor and quick wit.  I especially like his impressions of famous Italian actors and his rendition of ”See See Rider”; and I’m sure Elvis is rolling in his grave over that one.

The concert does have a lot of rudeness and vulgarities so some people may be offended.

FINAL ANALAYSIS:  A great party DVD and collectors item. (B)

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