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KING OF PAPER CHASIN’ on DVD review by John Delia

January 18th, 2011


Starring: Dwayne “DL” Clarke, Piarry Oriol, Lauren Hooper, Jason Rivera, J. Steven Williams, Joseph Somma, Dennis L.A. White and Al Thompson

Directed by: La Monte Edwards

MPAA Rating: R for pervasive language violence and sexuality

Genre: Urban Crime Thriller, Drama

Running Time: 2hrs 4 min

By John Delia

Here’s a film that takes you into the hip-hop world of crime and suspense. It’s called King of Paper Chasin’ and recording artist, producer and actor Dwayne “DL” Clarke tells it like it was in his hood.  Loosely based on true events, the movie rolls out down and dirty in all aspects of the life of this callous drug dealer and rapper.

The story involves the rise to power of one man – Carter Blanche (DL), a ruthless, inner city drug dealer – and his efforts to give it all up and go legit.  Inspired by actual events, this urban crime drama is set in New York City, home to the everyday rat race where the habitual chase for the almighty dollar never ends.  Trying to go straight as a credible underground artist in the mixed tape circuit, Carter is faced with deception, betrayal, violence and the self serving agendas of those closest to him, mainly his live-in girlfriend Thaila (Piarry Oriol).

The direction here by La Monte Edwards is quite good putting his unheralded actors through some rigorous scenes with class.  Some of his work in this film reminds me of a young John Singleton (Boyz in the Hood) taking chances with the realization that urban neighborhoods are riddled with crime.  The only downside here is that Edwards sometimes shows no remorse for the crimes committed and therefore left me empty with the incomplete resolve.

I enjoyed the Making Of Featurette that interviews all the actors and director.  Each gives his reasons for taking on the project, their character analysis and other comments that cleared up some questions I had about the film.  If you like the film, then go back and turn on the audio commentary by director La Monte Edwards and Cinematographer Brett Albright.

King of Paper Chasin’ is rated R for pervasive language violence and sexuality.  It also contains some brutality and nudity.

FINAL ANALYSIS: A good presentation of a tough situation.  (B-)

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