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Inequality in the Film Industry

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Beyond The Shield Movie Review

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Yevette Renee, Film Critic
Director/Writer: Michael G. Barrett, Jr.
Starring: Patrick Kilpatrick, Omar Gooding, Todd Tetreault, Boise Holmes and La’Kesia Rambo-Barrett
Genre: Faith-Based Drama Runtime: 90 minutes
Pray for Faith, Not Prey on People’s Faith

Michael G. Barrett, Jr’s directorial debut BEYOND THE SHIELD chronicles Youth Pastor Omar’s (Omar Gooding) life in the inner-city that is dramatically changed forever by Officers Mark Fitzpatrick (Todd Tetreault) and Gary Finch (Boise Holmes) as his wife Kimberly Omar (La’Kesia Rambo-Barrett) copes with the aftermath.

Having faith in God may not stop life’s tragedies from occurring, yet it can make the difference in how we get through those tragedies. Pastor Omar did all the right things. He had given his life to Christ, married to Kimberly (La’Kesia Rambo-Barrett) and a soon- to -be new Dad. He was dedicated and worked tirelessly to help disadvantaged youth many who did not have positive role models in their life. He wasn’t a thug. For all the good Pastor Omar had done for others, is it asking too much that he be seen as a man not a statistic.

Pastor Omar was able to provide guidance to Bryson, Jr. whose father, Bryson, Sr. is a drug dealer. He was able to look up to him as father figure. Adding to the obstacles of some of the youth was not having a mother in the home, some due to death caused by drugs. It spot lights the importance and major impact a mentor can have on a young person’s future.

Taking place in the Jungles, a Los Angeles neighborhood, provides a familiar and recognizable setting to many. The appearance in the film by Sweet Alice, a community icon and activist, gives a platform for the work that real people like Sweet Alice are doing to make the communities of Los Angeles a better place.

In her first acting role as Kimberly Omar (La’Kesia Rambo-Barrett ) gives a riveting performance as she to parents her son and continues to keep her family and husband’s legacy together. /p>

Watching BEYOND THE SHEILD is a reminder of the countless police killing taking place to this day. Black men like Philando Castille, Eric Garner, Terence Cruthcher, Alton Sterling, Oscar Grant and black boys like Tamir Rice. Black women like Sandra Bland and all those who lost their lives before and after these senseless killings.

Will police officers ever admit they made a mistake? It appears that it is so much easier for them to tell a lie

Sometimes it takes just one person too stand-up, to speak-up, to right a wrong. Just one person who believes in Pray for Faith, Not Prey on People’s Faith

Good film with a powerful message.

Runtime: 90 minutes

Production Company: Maddox Entertainment and Kingdomtainment

Producer Tyler Maddox and Co-Producers: LaKesia Barrett and Michael Barrett
Cinematography: Felipe Borges, Ara Thomas
Make-up: Trevor Jackson and LaKesia Rambo
Sound: Ken Nobson
Music: Shawn McDonald

Director/Writer: Michael G. Barrett, Jr.

Starring: Patrick Kilpatrick, Omar Gooding, Todd Tetreault , Shawn McDonald, Boise Holmes, Thai Edwards , Darryl Blalock , Raquel Roque Herring , Maahra Hill , La’Kesia Rambo-Barrett, John Alexenko, Lejend and Vega Reyna Day