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“Bears” a Stunning Adventure (Blu-ray Review)

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BEARS boxart


Review by John Delia

Breathtaking cinematography captures another Disney Nature feature that compels, mesmerizes and entertains.  Now on Blu-ray and DVD the new adventure Bears takes you on a journey that spans a year in the life of these huge animals in Alaska.  Nicely directed, amazingly captured on film, courageous and adorable it’s an entertaining film for the whole family.   Read more…


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Two of The Lion King trilogy, The Lion King 1 ½ and The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride now on Blu-ray. The two animated films include some good special bonus features and with the Blu-ray format the picture on my home entertainment center screen is sharper and the colors more vibrant.

The story of The Lion King 1 ½ mainly involves Pumbaa and Timon, the wild and crazy warthog and Meercat that were the first to come upon Simba when he got lost in The Lion King.  In this animated motion picture we find the two fun loving characters romping through the jungle way before The Lion King starts.  We find out where the two came from, how they met and how they helped save the savanna on the Serengeti.  It’s a hilarious tale and one the kids will easly understand.

In The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride we find Simba’s first child being born and introduced to the animals much like in The Lion King.  But, finding out Simba and Nala had a girl and named her Kiara, well that’s a new story to tell. In her first outing as a cub she wanders off and enters a forbidden area of Scar’s daughter where she meets Kova a male cub her age that’s destined to become king of his pride.  Being that Kova is an outcast from Simba’s pride, his clan quickly shuns Kiara and she has to be saved by her father.  The film shifts to grown up Kiara who wants to hunt on her own. After much trepidation, Simba allows her to run into the Serengeti where a new story begins about revenge, rivalry and retribution.

The two stories are great companion pieces to the original and my all time favorite The Lion King.  Hand drawn and completely upgraded to the HD format, the two Blu-rays are very vibrant, clear and show strikingly on digital television screens.

The Lion King 1 ½ has upgrades of some familiar bonus features that were originally on the DVD that was released in 2004 plus an additional extra:

  • Timon & Pumbaa’s Vacation Safari
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Timon: Behind The Legend
  • Grazing in the Grass music video starring Raven
  • “Before the Beginning: The Making of Lion King 1 ½”.

The cast of The Lion King 1 ½ includes Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Ernie Sabella plus Julie Kavner and Jerry Stiller.


The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride’s bonus features include:

  • Timon & Pumbaa’s Insectapedia
  • One By One – an original animated short
  • Timon & Pumbaa’s: Find Out Why
  • Proud of Simba’s Pride
  • “Love Will Find a Way” Music Video.

The cast of The Lion King 2 includes: Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Ernie Sabella, Neve Campbell, Jason Marsden, Andy Dick, Robert Guillaume, James Earl Jones and Moira Kelly.


The technical aspects and additional information include:

  • RATING: Both films are rated G
  • ASPECT RATIO: The Lion King 1 ½ – Blu-ray: 1.66: 1/1080p High Definition, DVD: 1.66:1/Widescreen. The Lion King 2 – Blu-ray: 1.78: 1/1080p High Definition, DVD: 1.78:1/Widescreen
  • SOUND: Both films – Blu-ray: English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, French and Spanish, 5.1 Dolby Digital, DVD: 5.1 Dolby Digital English, French and Spanish.
  • LANGUAGES: Both films – English
  • SUBTITLES: Both films – English SDH, French and Spanish
  • Genres: Kids, Family, and Animated
  • Running Times: The Lion King 1 ½ – 1 hr 16 min, The Lion King 2 – 1 hr 21 min
  • Both are available in Blu-ray Combo Packs – sold separately and come with a Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download
  • Street Date: March 6, 2012
  • Distributed by: Walt Disney Home Entertainment


FINAL ANALYSIS: Great companion pieces to The Lion King. Feature: The Lion King 1 ½ Feature (B) Bonus Extras (B), The Lion King 2 feature (A) Bonus Extra’s (B).   


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largeposter“YOUNGSTERS AHOY!”

Starring: Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, Ben Barnes and Will Poulter

Directed by: Michael Apted

MPAA Rated: PG for some frightening images and sequences of fantasy action

Genre: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adaptation and Sequel

Running Time: 1 hr 52 min

Release Date: December 10, 2010

Distributed by: Fox Walden

By John Delia

This has been one the most witty and CGI enjoyable films of the Chronicles of Narnia saga.  It is very family friendly and has good messages and meaning.  It is truly a family film that can be enjoyed by all.  If you want a good early evening or weekend afternoon of enjoyment The Voyage of the Dawn Treader can be a fine adventure for the whole family.

King Caspean (Barnes), Edmund (Keynes) and Lucy (Henley) look over a map

King Caspean (Barnes), Edmund (Keynes) and Lucy (Henley) look over a map

Edmund and Lucy get washed away with their astonished cousin Eustace joining King Caspian on a ship in search of the six swords of Aslan.  If they can bring the swords to Aslan’s table they will be able to defeat the magical creatures and sinister enemies that hold them captive.

The CGI in this film is very magical and wondrous making it a great film for children, especially young boys looking for fantasy.  Coupled with the adventurous storyline and excellent characters the film sets out to bring youngsters dreams to life and totally succeeds here.  I am amazed how each of the books has been nicely transformed to the screen making it an endearing trilogy.

Eustace (Poulter) gets his sea legs

Eustace (Poulter) gets his sea legs

Shining above all is the performance of Georgie Henley as Lucy Pevensie the young girl that has grown into a fine lady who saves the day in The Dawn Treader.  The growth of her acting ability through the three episodes is noteworthy and commendable. I enjoy her smile and the way she holds herself on screen, never wavering and always in command of her character.

A newcomer Will Poulter brings some very witty scenes to the screen in The Dawn Treader.  The befuddled and spoiled young cousin Eustace and only child of Lucy and Edmund’s uncle, he is always trying to get the two guests in trouble.  When he’s pulled into their

Special effects and CGI are prominant in Narnia

Special effects and CGI are prominant in Narnia

plight aboard the Dawn Treader he finds out that selfishness has no place among men. Poulter is a natural comedian with a face full of expressions.

The Dawn Treader is rated PG for some frightening images and sequences of fantasy action.  It’s a great pre-teen and family film with a lot of action and some great characters. Oh, and save your money on this one as the 3D is ordinary and the film does not need it to work.

FINAL ANALYSIS: A family film that has values and entertains. (4 of 5)

DISNEY Announces October DVD releases

October 2nd, 2009 No comments

October 2009

10/6 SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS (Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack) (Rated: G)

snow white 2Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (WDSHE)  marks two groundbreaking milestones with the  October 6 high definition debut of the most acclaimed animated movie ever made. Walt Disney’s original classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which made history in 1937 as the first full-length animated feature.

And, in an industry first, the historic release will make its bow on Disney Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack (two Bluray discs + DVD) seven weeks before the Deluxe Two-Disc Classic standard definition DVD becomes available on November 24.

10/13 LEGEND OF THE SEEKER: The Complete First Season (DVD)(Rated: ‘TV-14 LSV’)

legend of the seekerStorytelling magic comes alive with the adaptation of the internationally best-selling “Sword of Truth” novels, in Legend of the Seeker: The Complete First Season, coming to DVD on Oct. 13, 2009 from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. The 5-disc set containing all 22 one-hour episodes of Season One reveals even more of the fantasy, magic and romance with exclusive-to-DVD bonus features. Behind the scenes interviews with the cast offer insight into the Legend just in time for Halloween and the November 2009 Season Two premiere.

10/13 THE PROPOSAL (Blu-ray & DVD + Digital Copy) (Rated: PG-13)

The_Proposal_2Corporate ambition makes for strange bedfellows when a hard-nosed executive talks her overworked assistant into a marriage of convenience in The Proposal, arriving on Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD on October 20, 2009 from Buena Vista Home Entertainment. A contemporary romantic comedy from director Anne Fletcher (27 Dresses), The Proposal is available in Two-Disc Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD editions, as well as Single-Disc DVD and Bluray editions. Bonus features include filmmaker commentary, bloopers and a hilarious alternate ending.

Both Two-Disc DVD and Blu-ray versions also include a Digital Copy of the movie that can be viewed on an array of electronic devices.

10/20 CHÉRI (DVD) (Rated: R)

cheriAn ill-fated love affair scandalizes glittering Belle Époque France in Chéri, coming to DVD on October 20, 2009 from Miramax Films and Buena Vista Home Entertainment. Directed by two-time Oscar® nominee Stephen Frears (Best Director, The Queen, 2006; Best Director, The Grifters, 1990), Chéri is a sensual and provocative celebration of the meeting of love and lust in the sumptuously realized demimonde of turn-of-the- 20th century Paris.

10/27 TINKER BELL AND THE LOST TREASURE (Blu-ray, DVD & Combo Pack) (Not Rated)

tinker bell 2In 2008 Walt Disney Pictures launched the breathtaking origin story of a beloved character in the fantastic all-new animated adventure — Tinker Bell, the debut film in the exciting new “Disney Fairies” movie series. The tale thrilled audiences of all ages, soaring to reach the year’s number one spot as the biggest Direct-To-DVD release of 2008.* Releasing on October 27, 2009, the enchanting pixie-dusted tale continues in an even more action-packed adventure, as Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure expands the world of fairies and takes Tink far beyond Pixie Hollow in an original full-length CG animated film that flies to Blu-ray (“Combo Pack” Blu-ray +DVD) and standard def DVD.