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“The Spy Behind Home Plate” Baseball and Patriotism

June 18th, 2019 No comments






Review by John Delia

Being released this weekend is The Spy Behind Home Plate a documentary about Morris Moe Berg a baseball player and a patriot. This film is not only a true account of the man who was instrumental in aiding America in WWII, but Director and writer Aviva Kempner includes a copious amount of information that will amaze and personify the man. Read more…

“Heading Home” The Tale of Team Israel

February 7th, 2019 No comments


Review by John Delia

A great honor in sports is to get invited to a local, state, national or even an international tournament. It’s not an easy task as for some teams you have to win all your games in the season or win a state or national tournament. In the year 2017 Israel found itself in the unbelievable position of an invitation to an international baseball tournament that’s only held every four years. Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel is a documentary on that event and a tribute to all those who never say die. It’s a triumph for the underdog! Read more…

“Million Dollar Arm” a Sweet Family Film (Movie Review)

May 15th, 2014 No comments




Review by John Delia

Based on a true story, Walt Disney Pictures brings another fine movie to the screen involving sports. Returning to baseball Million Dollar Arm opens in local theaters throughout America in the midst of the pros 154th season. Dramatically presented adding comedy and sweet tears, the movie has all the trappings of a good run at the box-office, as long as the giant lizard doesn’t stomp on it. However, it’s longevity will be the test as there are a lot of little league, high school and minor league teams that should bump up the tally, and rightly so. Read more…

“42”, a Story of Courage and Baseball (Film Review)

April 11th, 2013 No comments

42 poster

Review by John Delia

The movie “42” hits a home run in acting, directing and cinematography.  The storyline takes you on a journey of courageousness in the face of racial discrimination and a door opener for others that followed.  It’s not just about baseball but of heroes and the right to play the game. Read more…

MONEYBALL review by John Delia

September 23rd, 2011 No comments







Cast: Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Directed by: Bennett Miller

MPAA Rating: PG-13 by the MPAA for some strong language

Genre: Drama, Sports

Running Time: 2hrs and 13min

Opening Date: September 23, 2011

Distributed by: Columbia Pictures


By John Delia


Even though the acting is stellar, unless you are a baseball fan or star struck on Brad Pitt, then you may want to shy away from Moneyball.  The film gets pretty hot and heavy into the subject matter of money versus mom’s apple pie and the rites of summer.  It’s not about little Jimmy loving his favorite player because that piece of collateral may not be on his favorite team anymore. Much like the movie Wall Street, it’s about greed. It’s a true story, but as far as I’m concerned, so what.


Brad Pitt as Billy Beane waiting in Cleveland

Maybe this will help.  Baseball manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) has run into a wall with his team the Oakland A’s who just lost the chance of being World Champions.  The first thing the head office does is trade three of his best players for their money’s worth.  This puts Beane in the position of getting new players to fill the spots vacated by the meat of his team.  Now while this is commonplace as shown by other small markets like Miami and Tampa for example, Beane can’t seem to come to grips with another year of rebuilding.


With no big money available from the owners, Beane makes a desperate attempt to buy some of the better players in other small markets like in the film’s case Cleveland.  ‘Are you following me on this?’  However, they are in the same situation if they loose their best players and want compensation that Beane cannot offer.  During the meeting with Cleveland he meets Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), a bean counter (No pun intended) and number cruncher that has a theory on how to fix a team that’s loosing their meat and potatoes.  When the two put their heads together, it starts a chain reaction that changes baseball forever.

Director Bennett Miller with Phillip Seymour Hoffman on the set

Acting’s not everything and the two hour plus film tends to move along at a fast clip leading one to believe that the director Bennett Miller assumes that most of the audience already knows that trading players is part of the money game of baseball.  NOT SO, and nor does he project any reason why his audience no matter how well versed they are in the game cares much about how deals are made. Jimmy just wants to see his favorite players and catch a fly ball in the stand.


Now, it boggles the mind that no one has ever come up with the idea that Brand and Beane develop to make silk purses out of sow’s ears, because isn’t that what farm teams are for?  And, according to the film it isn’t luck that gets hits, it’s playing the right person no matter how bad they field or how goofy they pitch or look while batting at the plate.


Beane with Peter Brand (Jonah Hill)


Moneyball is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for some strong language. But, even though you approve your youngster to attend with you, he probably won’t understand the greed of it anyway.


FINAL ANALYSIS: Keep your baseball to the ballpark not the movie theater for this one. (D)