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‘Shazam!’ Special Effects & Comedy Rule

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Review by John M. Delia, Jr.

Our world is made up of good and evil. Most of us try and live a good life and treat others respectfully. On the other hand there always seems to be some sort of evil force that pulls us to the seven deadly sins; Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. What if there is or were humans with super abilities that kept these evil sins away from all of us? Read more…

“Aquaman” Joins DC Comics Heroes

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Review by John M. Delia, Jr.

After being introduced to this historical superhero in Justice League, now we get to see where it all began for this mysterious underwater champion. With the world divided this hero has to find a way to belong to both, above and below the ocean surface. Read more…

“The Predator” Slicing and Dicing

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Review by John Delia

Director Shane Black turns The Predator franchise on its ear and makes a down right raucous comedy out of it. But, I’m loving it. It’s something the Horror flick needed and Shane Black wouldn’t stand for the same ole, same ole cookie cutter movie. If you are a fan you remember the series started out with Arnold Schwarzenegger in a serious tone back in 1987 and had a rebirth just as dark in 2010 called Predators. While most of the Predator films can be considered standalone’s, the thread that holds them all together is the Alien’s ugly face with its snapping jaws and glowing eyes. Read more…

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” (Blu-ray/DVD Written Review)

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Review By John Delia, Sr.

The “final installment” of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales starts with a rip roaring adventure and ends with a heartfelt reunion of sorts by the original main characters. When it first began the buzz was “how can you make a movie from an attraction in a Disney park” with some critics even going so far as saying “it will never sail”. Well that was 14 years ago and the franchise still continues with this last hurrah and it’s probably the best sequel yet. Now on Blu-ray, DVD, and Ultra 4K Blu-ray with oceans of Bonus Extras. Read more…

“Elysium” An Action Packed Thriller (Film Review)

August 9th, 2013 No comments

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 8.08.30 AMReview by John Delia

With an amazing space station circling the globe  outer space takes on a new look in the exciting sci-fi adventure Elysium now in theaters.  Well acted, directed, designed and filmed the movie gets right into the meat of the story and puts viewers in the middle of the action.  Fast paced and exciting Elysium closes on on the front runners for my choice of best action films for 2013.  If you like a lot of chaotic action with a good storyline this movie should do the trick. Read more…

After Earth, Targets Teens in a Sci-Fi Thriller (Film Review)

May 30th, 2013 No comments

afterPOSTERReview by John Delia

Taking a chance on another science fiction thriller M. Night Shyamalan probes disaster with After Earth.  The trick here is can he rise above his box-office misses like The Last Airbender and Lady in the Water. His The Sixth Sense has never been equaled and for that he still has a following.  Here, Shyamalan gets smart and brings in a top star and his son to do his bidding and comes up a winner. While it’s not the best space adventure in the past two years, it certainly gets high marks for its teen target audience. Read more…

The Expendables2-Video Review

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Marvel’s The Avengers, review by John Delia

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By John Delia

The power that Marvel’s The Avengers has amassed from major hits by each of the sci-fi action heroes pushing the release of this film has reached near fever pitch, and it’s about time the super hero team came out to play. Wild, rowdy and fantastic this fabulous five kicks butt with an imaginative two hours plus that has me wanting more.  If you are into adventure/action and fantasy then don your cape, grab your hammer, slide you arm into your shield and wear Hulk green in support of Marvel’s The Avengers. Read more…

TinTin-Video Review

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Cast: Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton, Jeremy Renner, Josh Holloway, Léa Seydoux and Michael Nyqvist

Directed by: Brad Bird

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sequences of intense action and violence. 

Genre: Action/Adventure, Sequel and Thriller

Running Time: 2hrs 13min

Opening Date: December 16, 2011 in IMAX, December 21, 2011 Wide

Distributed by: Paramount Pictures




By John Delia


The word action has many meanings according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, but the definition of the word to me is Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.  A non-stop thriller that gets so relentless there’s hardly time to catch your breath.  If there’s one spy thriller you want to see on the huge IMAX screen this is it.


The movie opens this weekend only in the IMAX format around the country a chancy way of outdoing the film’s nearest competitor Sherlock Homes 2 opening in all theaters the same day. Both have a lot of energy, cool stunts, an intriguing plot, awesome acting, pinpoint direction, incredible special effects, misdirection, amazing cinematography and I can go on and on about the two, but having seen both my suggestion, SEE BOTH. 


Tom Cruise, Paula Patton, Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner in M:i 4

This fourth mission finds the IMF (Impossible Missions Force) out on a limb when Carter (Paula Patton), Hanaway (Josh Holloway) and Dunn (Simon Pegg) get the tables turned on them by assassin Sabine Moreau (Léa Seydoux) while in the process of intercepting nuclear launch codes.  Now in a dilemma the IMF breaks Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) out of a Moscow prison and puts him in charge of the team. 


Trying to get to the launch codes now in the hands of the evil Cobalt (Michael Nyqvist), the team enters the Russian Kremlin that gets blown up.  Blamed for the incident, Hunt finds himself an outcast on the run with the clock ticking and Cobalt about to destroy humanity with a nuclear holocaust.


The acting here proves superb with stellar support by Paula Patton as the feisty agent who can show her kick-ass side with some well-choreographed fights.  I especially like her encounter with the assassin Moreau played well by Seydoux in a catfight that was fun to watch.  Along side Cruise, Jeremy Renner does a good job of depicting the newest member of Hunts renegade band William Brandt that comes on board reluctantly after finding himself on the outside due to the team’s ghost protocol. 


Adding a mix of comedy and adroit capability, Pegg’s Dunn has the group guessing while trying to keep the mission on target using his technical abilities. He’s the one who has all the gadgets that make it possible for the team to get into places that are ordinarily impossible. Pegg’s a clown at times, but it is much needed for comic relief during some of the more intense situations.


Cruise does his normal thing keeping the plot interesting with narrow escapes, smooth detection, strong will and his straight no nonsense personality that cracks a little when the moment needs it. His Ethan Hunt’s the leader, the consummate agent and the guy you go to when all else fails.  Although a bit old and a little frail around the edges, Cruise still has the screen presence that makes him famous and especially when he plays the spy, hit man, or secret agent we love to watch.


The action never stops in this thriller helmed by Brad Bird and what a terrific job he does directing M:I 4 with all its twists, tense scenes, explosions and misdirection.  Best know for his animated Academy® Award-winning films Ratatouille and The Incredibles, you would think Bird would play it soft and whimsical, but he blasts out this film without a hitch.  Fast moving, relentless action makes up most all of the film and you would think we were watching explosive directors like Tony Scott (Déjà vu), Ridley Scott (Black Hawk Down), Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes), John McTiernan (Die Hard), and Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) at work instead of a newcomer to the action attraction.


A lot of the action takes place on the tallest building in the world located in Dubai called Burj Khalifa, a skyscraper that houses a hotel, corporate offices, and residences.  The amazing thing about the structure is that Tom Cruise does his stunts on the outside of the nearly 2,717 foot building that not only has a death defying drop but reaches temperatures of over 100 degrees.  Held by piano wire rigging, the actor climbs, swings, jumps, runs and repels down its face at amazing heights. In IMAX watching the stunts from special cameras is like standing on the edge of the world. 


Tom Cruise on the the face of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Here is a surprising note from the Paramount Pictures: ‘Proving yet again his lack of fear of heights, sometime during the shoot, Cruise, stunt coordinator Gregg Smrz and a photographer took a trip up to the very top of the Burj Khalifa for a photo shoot.’  “You have to take multiple elevators and even more flights of stairs before you reach the top,” Producer Bryan Burk describes.  “Then you go inside this tube, where the spire is, and climb a single ladder.  It took Tom 20 minutes to climb that, which means it would have taken me 45 minutes.”


At the very top is a submarine-style hatch, to keep wind from entering the building.  Once at the top, Cruise was unable to resist, and asked Smrz to lower him down by a rope 15 feet over the edge – to autograph the building.  “The only person who will ever see that is the guy that paints the building years down the road,” Smrz says.

Filming by director of photography Robert Elswit takes your breath away during the stunts off tall buildings, underwater narrow escapes, shots inside a sandstorm, and fast moving cars to amazing vistas of Moscow, Prague, Dubai and Mumbai. Filmed with many different cameras including IMAX the movie comes across bigger and better than most that have been made for release in 2011.  Seeing it in the IMAX format is a special thrill and one I will not forget too soon.


Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is rated PG-13 for sequences of intense action and violence. 



FINAL ANALYSIS: In IMAX it’s the most explosive film of the year. (A)