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“16 BARS” Music for Freedom

February 6th, 2020 No comments



Review by John Delia

Finding a way to be free may seem easy for some, but those that lose their way find it very difficult to earn back their freedom. That’s the premise of the documentary 16 Bars. But even though they do make it out of the prisons that hold them, learning how to not return to incarceration helps to defeat recidivism. Looking into the prison life using an experimental idea, Todd “Speech” Thomas goes into the confines of Richmond Prison to offer some light at the end of the tunnel. Read more…


February 4th, 2020 No comments


Review by John Delia

Bringing you back to the 15th Century with a historical action thriller, the movie The Hunt for Vlad the Impaler is now available on VOD, Blu-ray and DVD. The film has some good acting, direction and production value, especially the costuming and special effects. The filmmakers do explain the history a bit, but I have not fact checked it for the opening dialogue on the subject. Actually most of the audiences that will watch the film will be more attuned to the warring factions and the bloody battles. The film has been dubbed in English so it may throw you off a bit, but for the most part they use adequate voice overs that are equal to each of the characters persona. Get caught up in the story early and you will enjoy it as intended. Read more…

“Mon Mon Mon Monsters!” Ghoulish and Gagging

February 3rd, 2020 No comments



Review by John Delia

Disgusting and very violent the movie Mon Mon Mon Monsters! has a one of a kind plot that should have you cringing and retching, and those are the good parts. If you are a fan of horror that likes films that repulses more than it scares, then you can revel in this “monsterpiece” that comes out today on Blu-ray and DVD. When you do get a copy, slide the video into your player, step back away from the TV set, take a deep breath, make sure you have a barf bucket handy and press play. Read more…


February 2nd, 2020 No comments



Review by John Delia

The movie High Strung Free Dance is jam packed with music, dance and song from show to club to street with a story thread that may feel familiar, but who cares. I love how the film comes together, and each of the characters are heartwarming with roles that are genuine. From high energy to sublime and hip hop to free style the dancers are brilliant, stunning, fluid and magnificent. Whether you are a lover of the dance, a fan of romance or just want to unwind and imagine for few hours, this film is like medicine for the dreamer. It may be something for the ladies, but if you have a man around the house, watch out there’s some very nice eye candy as well. It’s stunning and passionate and now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. Read more…

“TRAUMA CENTER” Action Thrills

February 1st, 2020 No comments



Review by John Delia

Not bad, but not great the Crime action thriller Trauma Center comes to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. It starts out slow, but then takes you on a ride from alleys to the trauma center of a local hospital where most of the film takes place. If you are into crime flicks that draw out the suspense to the very end, than this one should do the trick. Read more…


February 1st, 2020 No comments



Review by John Delia

The cool little indie Invasion Planet Earth has been released in North America on DVD, VOD and through digital cable providers. It’s a fun science fiction story that depicts a “new beginning” for the planet that has destroyed most of its population through a terrorist act and finds itself in the hands of aliens that hold the final key to life and death. The production as to explosions and space travel may look a little stark, uneven and not as incredible as movies like Star Wars, but are still viably entertaining to an audience. The directing, acting and script are very good and the presentation on your home televisions should make the experience enjoyable. Read more…

“THE RHYTHM SECTION” An Action Thriller

January 31st, 2020 No comments





Review by John Delia

In the crowded movie business it’s hard to make a hitman thriller with something new and exciting. The Rhythm Section gives it a try and actually does put a twist on the popular genre. In the place of a male protagonist a female takes the lead in a quest for revenge and settling the score. What makes this film nicely different is Blake Lively the sweetheart of TV’s “Gossip Girl” who goes from dainty to dangerous. Read more…

“QUEZON’S GAME” A ‘tell all’ Historical Drama

January 30th, 2020 No comments




Review by John Delia

The historical drama Quezon’s Game is so compelling that it’s hard to believe that it actually happened with little knowledge of the events until this film. We do know that there was a holocaust, that the Jews were persecuted, their property confiscated by the Nazi Regime, concentration camps were set up, millions were murdered and much more of the noted facts in movies and books. However, this story brings to light more than just the fact that the USA and Canada turned away people that were legitimately seeking asylum, but that our leadership and their ambassadors at the time added to the prejudice and denouncement of certain groups. Read more…

“AFTER PARKLAND” The Work to be Heard Begins

January 28th, 2020 No comments





Review by John Delia

With the release of the documentary After Parkland, voices have a movie for America. The massacre of the 17 students that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018 was awful and despicable to say the least. But, instead of standing by and letting time pass in order to forget, the students, parents and people of Parkland, Florida have spoken in this able production in hopes of being part of the solution of making schools safe. Read more…

“Cunningham” Artistic and Beautiful

January 22nd, 2020 No comments






Review by John Delia

A documentary on dance, it’s also an instructional piece that follows Merce Cunningham one of the leaders in the field. His techniques brought about a personal style of discipline in the art that exhibits a free form of expression. The film targets students of the art, historians, and the inquisitive. Cunningham is shown in 3D that should give audiences some excellent close-ups and exciting views of each form of dance presented. Read more…