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Beyond The Shield Movie Review

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Yevette Renee, Film Critic
Director/Writer: Michael G. Barrett, Jr.
Starring: Patrick Kilpatrick, Omar Gooding, Todd Tetreault, Boise Holmes and La’Kesia Rambo-Barrett
Genre: Faith-Based Drama Runtime: 90 minutes
Pray for Faith, Not Prey on People’s Faith

Michael G. Barrett, Jr’s directorial debut BEYOND THE SHIELD chronicles Youth Pastor Omar’s (Omar Gooding) life in the inner-city that is dramatically changed forever by Officers Mark Fitzpatrick (Todd Tetreault) and Gary Finch (Boise Holmes) as his wife Kimberly Omar (La’Kesia Rambo-Barrett) copes with the aftermath.

Having faith in God may not stop life’s tragedies from occurring, yet it can make the difference in how we get through those tragedies. Pastor Omar did all the right things. He had given his life to Christ, married to Kimberly (La’Kesia Rambo-Barrett) and a soon- to -be new Dad. He was dedicated and worked tirelessly to help disadvantaged youth many who did not have positive role models in their life. He wasn’t a thug. For all the good Pastor Omar had done for others, is it asking too much that he be seen as a man not a statistic.

Pastor Omar was able to provide guidance to Bryson, Jr. whose father, Bryson, Sr. is a drug dealer. He was able to look up to him as father figure. Adding to the obstacles of some of the youth was not having a mother in the home, some due to death caused by drugs. It spot lights the importance and major impact a mentor can have on a young person’s future.

Taking place in the Jungles, a Los Angeles neighborhood, provides a familiar and recognizable setting to many. The appearance in the film by Sweet Alice, a community icon and activist, gives a platform for the work that real people like Sweet Alice are doing to make the communities of Los Angeles a better place.

In her first acting role as Kimberly Omar (La’Kesia Rambo-Barrett ) gives a riveting performance as she to parents her son and continues to keep her family and husband’s legacy together. /p>

Watching BEYOND THE SHEILD is a reminder of the countless police killing taking place to this day. Black men like Philando Castille, Eric Garner, Terence Cruthcher, Alton Sterling, Oscar Grant and black boys like Tamir Rice. Black women like Sandra Bland and all those who lost their lives before and after these senseless killings.

Will police officers ever admit they made a mistake? It appears that it is so much easier for them to tell a lie

Sometimes it takes just one person too stand-up, to speak-up, to right a wrong. Just one person who believes in Pray for Faith, Not Prey on People’s Faith

Good film with a powerful message.

Runtime: 90 minutes

Production Company: Maddox Entertainment and Kingdomtainment

Producer Tyler Maddox and Co-Producers: LaKesia Barrett and Michael Barrett
Cinematography: Felipe Borges, Ara Thomas
Make-up: Trevor Jackson and LaKesia Rambo
Sound: Ken Nobson
Music: Shawn McDonald

Director/Writer: Michael G. Barrett, Jr.

Starring: Patrick Kilpatrick, Omar Gooding, Todd Tetreault , Shawn McDonald, Boise Holmes, Thai Edwards , Darryl Blalock , Raquel Roque Herring , Maahra Hill , La’Kesia Rambo-Barrett, John Alexenko, Lejend and Vega Reyna Day

“DUNKIRK” (Written Review & Trailer)

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Review by John M. Delia, Jr.

During World War II prior to the Americans joining the European part of the War the French and English were pushed back to the sea near the city of Dunkirk. Their only conclusion was to evacuate across the channel quickly and try to avoid the onslaught of the German aerial warfare (Luftwaffe). Dunkirk depicts the struggle the English had trying to get back across the channel. The true story is considered one of the bloodiest and most tragic part of the war for the allies. Read more…


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Review by John Delia, Sr

It would be a challenge to give this film a pass especially for the terrific special visual effects, designs of the many creatures and for the many hours the two main characters must have labored in their roles, but Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets drags and drones through nearly 2 and a half hours. Even as I write this review, I am tempted to alter my opinion, but it wouldn’t help the awful music moaning in the background in nearly every “exciting” scene, plot holes that are beyond fantasy, and negative attempts at virtual reality. Adults looking for adventure will be hard pressed to find it to their liking, much like John Carter fell on its face with the over 25-year-olds. Read more…

“WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES” (Written Review & Trailer)

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Review By Gino Sassani

“All of human history has led to this moment. The irony is we created you. And nature has been punishing us ever since. This is our last stand. And if we lose… it will be a Planet of Apes.”

I was always a fan of the original Planet of the Apes series of films. While they often flirted with a camp style, I was impressed with John Chambers’ makeup effects and the performances of Roddy McDowall as both Cornelius and Caesar. Then came the television show and I remained just as enchanted because of McDowall’s appearance as a third ape, Galen. The show didn’t last a season however, and before long the Apes franchise was left in some kind of limbo. Read more…

“LOST IN PARIS” (Written Film Review & Trailer)

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Review by John Delia, Sr.

In a very funny display of French comedy, the movie Lost in Paris shines with a delightful story of unavoidable romance. The film is drenched in Marcel Marceau’s mime comedy, Jerry Lewis’s wit and a bit of Charlie Chaplin collectively performed by a delightful cast. Read more…

“SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING” (Written Review & Trailer)

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Review by John Delia, Sr.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, it’s not how Peter Parker became Spider-Man, but what he did to become part of The Avengers. Other series attempts beginning with the original big screen Spider-Man starring Tobey McGuire in 2002 and followed by The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield in 2012 unleashed a cartoonish character. In this new release of the web casting warrior you’ll see how he’s being “reinvented” as a superhero and where he fits into the grand scheme of Marvel Comics Universe. Read more…

The Skyjackers Tale Written Review and Trailers

July 3rd, 2017 No comments

Yevette Renee Movie Review: THE SKYJACKERS TALE

Director/Writer: Jamie

Subjects: Ishmael Muslim Ali, Leroy Mercer, Margaret Ratner

Kunstler, William Kunstler, Michael Ratner Country: Canada
Genre: Documentary

A Fugitive or A Political Dissident in Exile?

Director Jamie Kastner captivating documentary THE SKYJACKER’S TALE, is a riveting story of Ishmael

Muslin Ali (formally known as Ronald Jean LaBeet) who high jacked an American Airlines flight to Cuba,

after his conviction of the murder of eight people at a golf course in St. Croix, US Virgin Island.

After 30-years, Ali speaks of his life experiences as a young man in St. Croix, coming of age during the

Vietnam War, which he fought on behalf of the US; his involvement in the Black Panthers and the many

struggles of black men on the Island.

Hearing the choices that he and so many men have had to make, going to jail or serving in the military

while having to endure the reality of police brutality, it is evident how much has not really changed for

men of color in the United States. Today, we see the struggles of the Black Lives Matters movement and

the backlash and demonization that they and their supporters face due to their persistent demands for to

be valued, treated as human being and being afforded basic rights granted by the constitution.

St. Croix enlisted the full force of the United States government to solve the crime and bring the

perpetrators to justice. Is that what happened? Ishmael has professed his innocence for 40-years. Did

they capture, arrest and convict those who were actually responsible? Or, in an effort to calm the fears of

a petrified white population, did they do what has been done in the past, arrest any man of color to hold

responsible for the crime.

As he reflects on his involvement with the Black Panther Party, it also begs the question, was his arrest a

means to disrupt and destroy the Panther? That end goal was certainly the case on the mainland of the


The original music by David Wall, Jamie Shields and Adam White provides a vibrant, pulsating beat that

transport one to the islands of Cuba and St. Croix. It keeps one immersed in the rich cultures where

Ishmael was born and the place he now calls home.

When one thinks of the continued hostilities between the United States and the Cuban government,

especially after the Cold War has ended, Cuba’s harboring of Ishmael, Assata Shakur and others can

easily be considered a major thorn in the side of the United States.

THE SKYJACKER’S TALE, is great movie worth seeing that has thought provoking questions, did

he hijack the plane as a way to avoid further punishment for a crime he committed or was it his only way

of preventing the remainder of his life spent in jail for a crime he did not commit?

Production Company: A Cave7 A Jamie Kastner Film; Director, Writer

and Producer: Jamie Kastner; Editor: Jorge Parra; Director of Photography:

Derek Rogers; Original Music by: David Wall, Jamie Shields and Adam White;

Ismael Muslim Ali (formerly Ronald Jean LaBeet), Leroy Mercer (Defense.

Attorney), Margaret Ratner Kunstler (Defense Attorney), William Kunstler

(Defense Attorney), Michael Ratner (Defense Attorney); Co-defendants:

Beaumont Gereau, Hanif Bey, Meral Smith, Malik El-Amin, Warren Ballantine,


“DESPICABLE ME 3” (Written Flim Review & Trailer)

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Review by John Delia, Sr.

The “Despicable Me” series that includes “Minions” never seems to get tiring as they extend their comedy one more time with Despicable Me 3 opening this weekend. The key to the filmmaker’s success is the handling of the characters and inserting them into the animated movie with a plan in mind. Read more…

“THE HERO” (Written Review & Trailer)

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Review by John Delia, Sr.

Another touching and sincere indie film, The Hero reaches out and grabs you while it plays to your heartstrings. Star of the film, Sam Elliott is such a good actor his performance alone has enough worth for a trip to a theater to watch him perform on the big screen. But you will get far more in the direction and writing of Brett Haley who paces the film in a way that intrigues while it entertains. Read more…

“PAST LIFE” (Written Review & Trailer)

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Review by John Delia, Sr.

Intriguing and Compelling the movie Past Life adds another true event story to the long list of films on the Holocaust. This one is based one of the survivors of the never to forget heinous act of genocide during World War II by Nazi Germany. The drama has a different twist that involves a family caught up in the aftermath leading to a confrontation in modern day. The acting is very good and direction commendable giving Past Life a high rating. Read more…