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Don’t Let Go-Film Review

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Angel Has Fallen Video Film Review

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Ready Or Not Video Film Review

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“Good Boys” Film Review

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Review by John Delia

I would be remiss if I sugar coated the film Good Boys with a lot of comedic fun words, so I won’t. Is it funny? Sure it is, but I’m hoping it’s just a fantasy of a sick mind and that it really doesn’t happen in real life. At least with most of the 6th graders in the world there’s still has to be hope for decency at an early age. Enough rant about underage kids for now. Read more…

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“Blinded by the Light” Teen View

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Review by Ian Delia

In all honesty I’d have to say that Blinded by the Light is an average movie with connections to the teenage generation. Unfortunately the first 30 minutes is full of predictable ups and downs of friendships, desires and family angst, making it a bit uneventful. The half hour intro leads you to question why one should even continue watching. Beyond that, however I did like the music, dancing and drama that followed even though it’s foreseeable and that the message will be one that’s obvious. “Be your own self and you will eventually come out of your cocoon and fly like the butterfly you choose to be”. Read more…

“After The Wedding” Film Review

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Good Boys Film Review – Funny

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Dora and the Lost City Of Gold – Video Film Review

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Brian Banks Video Film Review

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David Crosby: Remember My Name-The story of a real asshole – Movie Review

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