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Yevette Renee Nelson
August 3, 2016 
The Tenth Man
Director: Daniel Burman
Lead Actors: Alan Sabbagh, Julieta Zylbergerg 
Genre: Comedy, Culture 
Language: Spanish
County: Argentina

A journey back to his youth leads an established man to rediscover his Jewish heritage and self-awareness. An enjoyable and entertaining Art House film steeped in culture.
Argentine writer and director, Daniel Burman’s The Tenth Man shares the journey of Ariel (Alan Sabbagh) to his childhood home in Once, Buenas Ares, an established Jewish community were over seven days he attempts to reconnect with his father, Usher and his Jewish heritage.

Having planned the trip to Once with his girlfriend with the express purpose of introducing her to his father and family, those plans are abruptly changed when of Ariel (Alan Sabbagh) girlfriend cancels at the last minute due to a career opportunity.
Continuing with his planned trip, immediately upon arrival Ariel is thrust into helping the clients of Usher’s foundation that helps the needy.
It is rather humorous that you never see Usher in person, even though Ariel is constantly in pursuit of locating his father. Add to it that the comedic theme throughout the film of those pre-paid cellphones.
Daydreaming about his past hurt as a child caused by Usher not attending his school events, the pain is magnified by neither Usher saying why he missed those school events and Ariel never expressing the pain he felt. This lack of communication is the root of many fractured relationships and Ariel and Usher are no exception.
Ariel becomes aware of the Jewish custom of a quorum of ten men, which causes him to wonder why a quorum of ten men are required for funerals.
One of the many errand Ariel is instructed to run by Usher, has him working with Eva (Julieta Zylbergerg) an apparently mute, reserved orthodox young woman who works for the foundation. They are sent to clean the apartment of a deceased man. Usher put emphasis on looking out for pre-paid cellphones and checking the medicine cabinet for medication needed by a client of his foundation. As the days pass, Ariel interest in Eva increases.
Another request by Usher sends Ariel to the hospital to see Marcelito (Uriel Rubin) who refuses to bath and is obsessed with reading the sports pages. You can imagine humor as well as the the horror of the nursing staff with Marcelito’s refusal to bathe. Like his father Usher, Ariel creatively finds a solution to Marcelito’s challenge.
Burman’s use of low lights, hand-held and an actual foundation and its clients gives a documentary vibe to The Tenth Man, a film. Based on fiction.
An enjoyable film, with plenty of humor and Jewish culture. Definitely worth seeing
Opens: August 5, 2016
Runtime: 82 minutes
Distributor: Kino Lorber
Cast: Alan Sabbagh, Julieta Zylbergerg,
Writer/Director: Daniel Burman
Cinematography: Daniel Ortega
Editor: Andres Tambornino

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