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She’s Got A Plan – Review

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Yevette Renee
Directors: Fatima Washington and Corey Johnson
Writers: Sunspot Jonz and Fatima Washington
Genre: Comedy

What are you going to do? She’s got 30-days find an answer on how to make her dreams come true in the highly competitive world of Hollywood or “throw in the sponge”, now forced to “plan her work and work her plan”.
Directors Fatima Washington and Corey Johnson’s She’s Got A Plan takes us on the 30-calendar day journey of Isis Angelo (Fatima Washington), a writer and director, who is constantly struggling to fulfil her vision making it in Hollywood and making ends meet at the same time.

Being the filmmaker that she is, Isis decides to document her 30-day plan with a video diary. It captures her as she persistently looks for success in the entertainment business, which includes low and the no budget productions, trying to ease her Mother’s (Ja’net Dubois) concerns, seeking relationship counseling and the supportive relationships of her female friends.
After all, when you are trying to reach your goals, there is more than one area of your life that matters.
She’s Got A Plan will have you counting the days with anticipation and laughter.
Runtime: 100 minutes
Directors: Fatima Washington and Corey Johnson
Produce Company: CorFat Productions
Starring: Ja’net Dubois, Golden Brooks, Tsai Chin, Fatima Washington, Eliot “Suit” , Danielle Krivak, Faison Love, Johnny three Nutz, Paula Jai Parker, Michelle Phelps, Sandra Staggs, Charles Malik Whitfield and Chris Williams

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King of Dancehall Review

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King Of Dancehall Review

An NCredible production. Produced by Nick Cannon, Roger Ubina. Executive producer, Nick Cannon.

Directed, written by Nick Cannon. Camera (color), Luis Perez. Editors, Harvey White, Erik C. Anderson.

Nick Cannon, Busta Rhymes, Kimberly Patterson, Whoopi Goldberg, Kreesha Turner, Lou Gossett Jr., Beenie Man, Colin “Collie Budzz” Harper, Peter Stormare, Tevin “Killer Bean” Shaw

Yevette Renee
Genre: Drama
Nick Cannon directs and stars as a young man from New York engulfed by the Kingston, Jamaica super-hot music scene.
Cannon’s directorial debut King of the Dancehall, decides to invest in the Jamaican ganja trade to pay for his mother’s (Whoopi Goldberg) medical care. Leaving Brooklyn, NY, he heads to Kingston. Hitting the ground running, he enlist the help of his cousin, Allestar “All Star” Toaster (Busta Rhymes), an aspiring recording artist to hook him up with a major player in ganja trade.
On his quest to make that money, Tarzan comes face to face with the Dancehall world. Way down deep in the dance culture, Maya (Kimberly Patterson), gives him hand-on lessons of the hips and body moves.
Being the new guy in town, Maya isn’t the only one with interest in Tarzan which leads to him to decide on love or the love of money.
A hot original score by Salaam Remi and music by DJ Buddha and Salaam Remi that features Beenie Man (film narrator), are high energy beats that give a solid foundation to King of the Dancehall.

Runtime: 100 minutes
Director: Nick Cannon
Producers: Nick Cannon and Roger Ubina
Starring: Nick Cannon, Whoopi Goldberg, Louis Gossett Jr, Busta Rhymes, Peter Stormare, Kneesha Turner, , Donovan ‘Dada’ Davidson, Collie Buddz, Barrington Levy, Beenie Man, Ky-Mani Marley, Rohan Lyttle, Tevin ‘Killer Bean’ Shaw,
Editors: Erik C. Anderson and Harvey White
Cinematography: Luis Panch Perez
Sound: Joshua Adeniji
Casting: Odessa Chambers

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