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‘Storm Boy’ Saving the World One Pelican at a Time






Review by John M. Delia, Jr.

The world conservation service today does what it can to preserve and protect lands to allow for birds and other wildlife to live safely. This is not always the best way to save our worlds creatures. We as humans need to work together to preserve safe locations for all types of animals to life and to allow for them to have some place where they can feel safe. This story is about a boy and a girl who over generations have expressed this importance to the world.

Mike ‘Storm Boy’ Kingley (Geoffrey Rush) a retired owner of a large company still has to find a way to convince the board to make the right decision on preserving their lands for animal preservation. He faces a challenge that will not be easy and also must gain trust with his granddaughter, Madeline (Morgana Davies) , who is grieving over the loss of her mother and knowing that she might have the key to save this land.

Growing up and living on a beach 90 miles from civilization, Storm Boy (Finn Little) did what he could to entertain himself. When his father Hideaway Tom (Jai Courtney) made the decision to move from the nearby town to live on these shores, he adjusted quickly.  Making the best of his new surroundings, Michael is home schooled at night and learns from his surroundings during the day. He quickly notices that this place is truly a place where birds can live and life begins.

One day Michael happened across a strange man, Fingerbone Bill (Trevor Jamieson), an aborigine on a walkabout. They began to learn from each other, and Michael was learning more than ever about these wild parts of Australia. One day the hunters were around shooting away at the wild birds and pelicans. Trying to survey the damage, both Bill and Michael found the three pelican babies were stranded without the mother. They both felt compelled to take them in and Michael raises all three to hopefully someday release them back into the wild.

Director Shawn Seet does a fantastic job presenting the storyline and truly expresses how important it is for us to have protected land for all birds and wildlife to live free. He presents spectacular views of the 90 miles of beach and beautiful surroundings that almost make this film what it is on that alone. Shawn does a great job blending in the true meaning of this tale, while using a flashback narrative, that the older Michael presents to his granddaughter, which makes this story much more special to the viewer.


With many helpful resources out there the world conservation is making efforts to save all types of animals all over the world. Land protection for these birds and wildlife is substantial for us to co-habitat with all of these beautiful creatures. This impressive story is worth watching, but does have some slow parts throughout to express the trials and tribulations the characters endured.

Final Comment: I based my grade on the wonderful storyline and fantastic presentation. 3.0 out of 5.0 Stars

Additional Film Information
Cast: Jai Courtney, Finn Little, Morgana Davies, Trevor Jamieson, and Geoffrey Rush.
Directed by: Shawn Seet
Genre: Adventure, Drama, and Family.
MPAA Rating: Rated PG for some thematic elements, mild peril and brief language.
Running Time: 1hour and 39 minutes
Release Date:  April 5, 2019
Distributed By: Good Deed Entertainment
Release In: Standard

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