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Review by Ian Delia, Teen Writer

A good time to praise the lord just as many others have in the movie Breakthrough. A beautiful true story of young John who fought for his life and the miracle brought through his belief Christ. This movie shows the amazing things you can be blessed with prayer and faith. Get ready to laugh and smile, but be prepared to cry your heart out with sweet tears. I suggest bringing tissues with you, bring a lot.

Young John (Marcel Ruiz) was an orphan since he was an infant. He never knew his mother and always wondered why she gave him up. Being a 5 month old baby he was adopted by a loving family, the Smiths. The Smith’s Joyce and Brian are a very religious family. Joyce ran a bible study and john is in a Christian school Living Word Christian School in his hometown of St. Charles. John plays basketball at his school and he’s a very good player, even though the film shows he acted up quite a bit. John doesn’t do assignments, starts fights with others and doesn’t really care too much about school. John hasn’t given himself to the lord as his adopted parents wished he has. He didn’t really believed in our lord and savior, until the lord shed the light upon John and saved him from the grave.

Chrissy Metz (Joyce Smith) and Marcel Ruiz (John Smith, in bed) star in Twentieth Century Fox’s BREAKTHROUGH. Photo Credit: Allen Fraser.

In the story of John Smith we find him near death and in a predicament of hopeless recovery.  As you’ll see in the trailer, John and his two other friends went out on the town’s lake which was visibly iced over, but after a game of tag on it that’s where the tragedy begins. They were running on thin ice, figuratively and literally. When the ice cracks John along with one of his other friends fall through. The other two boys are able to fight their way back up but John was not able. As hard as he tried, he kept sinking.

Dennis Haysbert (Doctor Garrett) and Marcel Ruiz (John Smith, in bed) star in Twentieth Century Fox’s BREAKTHROUGH. Photo Credit: Allen Fraser.

The 14 year old boy who after drowning for 25 minutes, comes back to life after being pronounced brain dead and it’s amazing, a miracle. It’s a work of fate or God’s gift to John, but either way the film goes on from there to show what the young teen goes through.

L to R: Isaac Kragten (Josh), Marcel Ruiz (John Smith) and Nikolas Dukic (Rieger) star in Twentieth Century Fox’s BREAKTHROUGH. Photo Credit: Allen Fraser.

The characters were depicted beyond great. The emotions of the mother and friends are just a loss for words, wow. The character of Joyce Smith (Chrissy Metz) showed the full effect of mourning and faith in her adopted son. Pastor Jason Noble (Topher Grace) was pretty cold towards Joyce in the beginning. But sitting in the hospital room with John and Joyce his actions show the utmost respect for the two. Pastor Noble broke through the barrier of the distaste Joyce felt and repaired a relationship between him and his followers.

Audience review: “I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in the possibility of a higher power, but this movie has changed my perspective of this”. “It is crazy how this is a true story and how it shows a miracle brought on by God”. “This movie has touched others and especially me has made an even bigger spot in my mind to think about God”.

Breakthrough is a beautiful heartfelt family story that is guaranteed to make you cry.

(4 out of 5 stars)

Rated PG for thematic content including peril.

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