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“Avengers: Endgame” Teen View





Review by Ian 

Before the movie started at a screening of all critics in Orlando, Florida, I set myself looking for a great new Marvel movie. But, it wasn’t just great, it was the best Marvel movie ever. From start to the amazing ending the movie is a jaw dropping cinematic triumph. Avengers: Endgame has the intensity drawn from all the past Marvels Avengers movies and then some.

And it’s packed into a 3 hour long compilation of 20+ amazing stories. This is one of the movies that actually feels like it’s only an hour, it’s brilliant. I was on the edge of my seat hoping for more but sadly the credits began to enter the screen and it was time sit back and digest what I had just watched. I’m a Marvel comic geek and I gathered like many of the audience attending this movie and I can tell you all this, “you are in for an insane rollercoaster ride” that even I didn’t expect.

This is the battle of the year with almost every known marvel character. Just to name a few, other than the core group, there’s Scarlet Witch “Elizabeth Olson”, Captain Marvel “Brie Larson”, and the winter soldier “Sebastian Stan”. The biggest clash up of heroes includes characters from different galaxies that help to try and take out the one incredibly powerful entity who had already destroyed millions of them. To digress a bit, Thanos’ plan was to save certain planets by wiping out half of Earth’s population. Turning half of the people of Earth to dust in to win, also meant half of the avengers including the more recent ones. All with the power of a gauntlet and the 5 infinity stones he raged upon them. But be ready for the baffling story that will twist your mind in multiple ways.

Just like the Avengers movie before, this conclusion of Avengers: Infinity War’s story jumps from one group to the other in their storylines. The transition between the double sided plots and how they interact and feed off of the other stories is a lot smoother than Infinity War. Then it all comes together for the final battle scene just like all Avengers films before. Intent with bringing all the Avengers together, they also summon most all the evil creatures you’ve seen in the earlier Avengers movies.

The choreography of the fighting is executed to perfection. And the intricate detail will make your jaw drop to the floor. The CGI action is beyond anything you’ve ever seen before. The endless laugh and terrifying suspense keeps your eyes glued to the big screen. The amazing chi of the characters and the creatures becomes 100% realistic and it can really make your eyes pop. I really liked the different makeup for some of the unusual characters based on their situation, especially Iron Man.

I got reactions from a couple of teen friends after watching the film for a second time last night: “Loved it.” “Thought it was a fitting”, “Well done ending to a franchise that’s been around for a little more than half our lives.”

Rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and some language.

(For teens 5 out of 5 Stars)

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